Nebula Generator

Published  Jul 15, 2011
Updated  Jul 15, 2011


'p' for settings 'r' to reset space to clear the screen

Nebula Generator is simply Curtain, but in 3D space. It's drawn over and over semi-transparently, and eventually the forces combined with the constraints allows it to create a very organic nebula-like piece of art.

At the moment, the "Try Demo" button isn't working quite right. So while we wait for Hawkee to fix it, you can try out the applet online here:



360.22 KB
Jul 15, 2011
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irchainscriptz   -  Jul 19, 2011

kool BlueThen

jonesy44   -  Jul 16, 2011


BlueThen   -  Jul 15, 2011

Yes, I believe this is Processing's fault. I had some problems as well trying to embed it into my website. While we wait for Hawkee to fix this, you can view the applet here:

You can also run it by downloading the zip file, exporting the applet folder, and opening up the index file.

jonesy44   -  Jul 15, 2011

I couldn't open any of the jar files on my computer unlike what I use to. Also the Try Demo button isn't working.. As you've already noticed. :) Looks good though

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