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Ziddykins created a Page  -  Apr 08, 2015

A friend came to me asking if I could help him making crawling through his thousands of camera images a little easier. His camera named his pictures in a confusing manner I guess so I came up with this. This uses the EXIF data of the images to rename your images in a date/time format. It also supports sequences, which are pictures taken in rapid succession. This only does png/jpg's and the extension..

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  Sep 11, 2014
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Tired of having a bunch of messy, disorganized code? Need a little more order in your life? This is for you. What this does is sorts your code for you alphabetically and case-insensitively. Feed it your source and it'll output sorted.code The code:

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  Jun 02, 2014
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Calculates Fibonacci to the limit you specify. Can calculate fib(500) in roughly half a second. You'll need the Math::BigInt module. As far as I know it comes default, but if you don't have it, use cpan "sudo cpan Math::BigInt"

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  Jun 02, 2014

Palindromes are neat. Palindromic numbers in base 10 as well as base 2 are even more neat! Enter a max value and it'll do the rest. (note: Base10 is human-readable numbers, where Base2 is binary)

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  Jun 02, 2014
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It's about to get math-y up in here. This finds which number produces the most terms in the Collatz sequence, up to a value you specify. For those who don't know, the iterative sequence in the Collatz sequence is: If n is odd: Multiply by three and add one. If n is even: Divide by two. (n*3+1)or(n/2); Continue until you end up at one. It's believed every number will eventually end up at one.

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  May 15, 2014
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More simple challenge stuff. Converts age in years to age in seconds. Three kinds of years.

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  May 15, 2014

More programming challenge stuff. Converts temperatures in 6 different ways.

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  May 15, 2014
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Uploading stuff made for a programming challenge. This generates 3 types of passwords for you, at a length you choose. (Alpha, alpha numeric, alpha numeric special).

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  May 15, 2014

Uploading a bunch of stuff made for a programming challenge. Reverses a string given by user.

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  May 15, 2014

Uploading a bunch of simple stuff done for a programming challenge.

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  Apr 25, 2013
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Scrapes various pastebin/pastebin-alikes and saves them to a site-specific folder under the paste's ID.

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Ziddykins created a Page  -  Apr 03, 2013

DNS's a range of ip addresses. Saves the nameservers returned to a file. Multi-threaded to increase speed. Not much of a purpose, I was bored.

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GrimReaper created a Page  -  Feb 14, 2013
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This code started as one I had found, The only command that it had was /np which would show the current song in Rhythmbox into xchat.

zenx created a Page  -  Feb 07, 2013

Goes through a folder with scene releases in it and then checks which ones are okay to unrar and then unrars these releases, adds the release to log so it doesnt unrar it again and renames the unrared file to proper release name, useful for those of you who create "home videos" in scene release style (=D)

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MoosaX created a Page  -  Dec 14, 2012

testing perl

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zenx created a Page  -  Jul 13, 2012

Downloads subtitles for scene releases from, requires curl & lwp::simple ./ Anger.Management.S01E04.PROPER.720p.HDTV.x264-2HD

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Maximus1983 created a Page  -  Jun 27, 2012

Capture Web Screenshots easily with the GrabzIt Perl API. You will need the free GrabzIt Perl Code Library to get started.

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[nas]peter created a Page  -  Apr 04, 2012

This is the Perl 8ball script. Works with the command line.

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KinKinnyKith created a Page  -  Feb 20, 2012
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Long /me action messages sent over the Justin.TV IRC Network are not displayed as actions by XChat-WDK clients. This requested snippet corrects this quirk.

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oRtakVeLja created a Page  -  Jan 28, 2012
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zenx created a Page  -  Jul 27, 2011

Usage: ./ nick nick2 nick3

D34th created a Page  -  Nov 08, 2010

This command is one i made for a server im administrator on. It is a command made for Chatspace users who are on xchat. This command joins a room and will then register the room and delete your sop then add the SOP of the user who you registered the room for

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gooshie created a Page  -  Oct 01, 2010
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Linux CLI Shell Login script that displays various system and user statistics after sign-in validation. Additionally a call to a thin RSS webpage gives basic two day weather info within the same data stream. This weather can be set to display the weather at the server location as default with option for individual users setting a dot file in $HOME to provide their own personal weather forcast. Also,..

miniCruzer created a Page  -  May 16, 2010

This is a fully functional UnrealIRCd Server file generator (unrealircd.conf). It does not, however, include services.

Caaz created a Page  -  May 07, 2010

This is basically the second most annoying plugin I have made for X-Chat. It highlights everyone in the channel in one easy command. "/mh" No one likes this command besides the user to get attention. If you want to be a jerk, try "/allchan mh" Or if you want to be even more of a jerk, "/Allchan mh /timer 10 amsg The Game." 10 seconds should me enough to wait for everyone to glance at the screen, right?

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Caaz created a Page  -  May 06, 2010

XChat Plugin - Reversing text command. /Reverse Hello there Would show up like ereht olleH

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Caaz created a Page  -  May 05, 2010

Basically, if you want to hack your morning newspaper word searches, put the letters in a text file, and load it up with this. It will ask you questions, to help you through finding words.

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Caaz created a Page  -  May 05, 2010

This is if you want to make a simple Perl IRC bot. You need to get POE::Component things if you want to use it. I also loaded the thing up with comments, and a couple commands just to let you know what goes on. Hopefully I didn't screw anything up, my first post.

gooshie created a Page  -  Apr 24, 2010
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Makes Xchat's Auto Replace case insensitive. This snippet was written at the request of Cracker200. One big problem is that lines are not added to the input box history. Xchat seems to lack a method to do this easily. I will keep looking at ways to resolve this issue but in the meantime I have posted this snippet. Use command /replace to update the script after making changes to Auto Replace List.

gooshie created a Page  -  Apr 11, 2010
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Place this snippet into your xchat user folder to auto-identify to NickServ on IrCQNet. You must have the password set within Network list. The advantage to adding this is that it will identify even after you have connected and change to another nickname for instance if you have an away nick. This snippet could be easily adapted to any server.

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