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Vegito created a Page  -  16 days ago
ctrl-alt-me created a Page  -  30 days ago

This script will highlight any common channels that are shared between you and whoever you /whois

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hlpxbr created a Page  -  Mar 16, 2015

This code provides update servers.ini mIRC through the site You can do /getserv to automatically update the servers.ini

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Daxter_Stacker created a Page  -  Mar 09, 2015

Hey guys, this is my creation, a simple reaction test script, where the bot will announce a reaction test at a spesific time, the user have to say the word correctly, hope you like it :)

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Vegito created a Page  -  Mar 03, 2015

Once this script is loaded in your remote type /useNicks to make it work. This script changes your nick to all your group nicks that haven't been used for over a month.

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raycomp created a Page  -  Feb 17, 2015

This script act as a Bulletin Board in my channel. Please help. maybe needs a total make over by an expert

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DjSxX created a Page  -  Feb 16, 2015

This is my modified requestsystem, its a pretty long code, but it seems to work. The Vars are in dutch, but the rest is translated from my own script to english, I hope its any good If not, let me know

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vextern created a Page  -  Feb 05, 2015

Can I ask about how you make a trigger command? For example: My bot joined and I want it to run a command automatically such as "!uptime" and/or "/me has Joined". And if the stream went offline, it will trigger the "!stopuptime"

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^WeSt created a Page  -  Feb 05, 2015

Requested by: Unknown

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Wims created a Page  -  Feb 01, 2015

This is a code I made for a bot running on my channel, it displays the new posts made to the different thread on the official mIRC forum It currently only check for the bugs and features forums but can be easily edited to support others forums.

^WeSt created a Page  -  Jan 26, 2015

Requested by: Tinuvien

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raccoon created a Page  -  Jan 24, 2015
^WeSt created a Page  -  Jan 21, 2015

Requested by: VitruxPT

Lucyfero created a Page  -  Jan 20, 2015

Little script that allows to capture all dialogues among a selected number of users. Use: to add a new member select a user in the 'user list' then either use the right mouse key menu or press the F8 key. To delete a user from the list, select the user in the 'user list' then press CF8. The selected users will have their nick yellow colored. To stop capturing dialogues use the right mouse key menu.

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^WeSt created a Page  -  Jan 18, 2015

Requested for: Aotik

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raccoon created a Page  -  Jan 16, 2015

This challenge is simple:

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Tritonio created a Page  -  Jan 11, 2015

My connection drops very often so I end up using the alternative nickname all the time. Here's a tiny script to reset nicknames to the primary one periodically.

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geneha created a Page  -  Jan 10, 2015

Card game "Machiavelli". Italian language. Not tested yet.

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raccoon created a Page  -  Jan 10, 2015

This script addresses a simple bug within ZNC where it sends the client hundreds of unnecessary JOIN failure messages when attempting to regain entry into the channel on a hard-coded 30 second delay. There is no option in ZNC to suppress these messages to your client(s), so a client side script becomes necessary to filter them out.

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Tritonio created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2015

Pressing F4 will take you to a channel with unread messages. A very fast way to hop from channel to channel talking to many people. Should work with private messages too but the whole script hasn't been tested a lot.

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Tritonio created a Page  -  Jan 06, 2015

This will open the second editbox on all channels and use that to display the number of users in that channel plus an activity indicator.

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raccoon created a Page  -  Jan 05, 2015

Last updated: 06-January-2015

MarioBrosFTW created a Page  -  Jan 04, 2015

Hey just in advance I want to thank you you guys for helping me out making this code/script if you guys want heres my script for my twitch bot also I am using MIRC

BitHelper created a Page  -  Jan 03, 2015

I need help with a MIRC script for a PinkieBot we want to the bot to respond when ever someone mention the word "oatmeal" here is the code. Please help.

fanfare created a Page  -  Dec 31, 2014

This is a simple debugger that toggles 'echo' functionality in mIRC when debugging.

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kibo created a Page  -  Dec 26, 2014

This file is part of Proscript ver 0.1 by kibo

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Lozo created a Page  -  Dec 24, 2014

This is my first Socket Script, so please be nice...

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Gentleman created a Page  -  Dec 23, 2014

Hi, this code is using for Banning any Ident from channel. Use: /Bident #chan Nick

TheBrohman created a Page  -  Dec 11, 2014

Hello! I need help with finding out why this code isn't working. My points system is working but I dont know why the commands for the raffle isnt working as they should. I can type them in but they return the msg saying it is not open/closed. Please help! :)

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heckaber2 created a Page  -  Dec 03, 2014

Any Suggestions you would make to add on? I would appreciate if someone could add on a timer that repeats the !ctt command over and over on a 15 minute loop, and a !raid command. I tried coding my own, but the mIRC client didn't do anything when I actually tried to execute the command. Also, I don't know why, but so far the only commands that have worked are on:TEXT: commands, no clue why. Here's the..

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