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Sep 12, 2013
Chang log in version 4: - Fixed bug of quit through SendQ Exceeded on Pvt flood - Improve stability during flood in ping time, this will not let you excess flood..
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Jun 27, 2011
Aug 21, 2010
Pbot is a little guy who sits on your channel and provides it with state of the art irc channel & server protection from spammers, flooders, botnets, drones and..
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Aug 07, 2010
QueryGuard is a protection type script built to block un-wanted PMs, mainly, from people you don't even know. - It has a white list, a black list, and a setting..
Jul 22, 2010
Dragon Script Easy to use Full channel protection full personal protection you can Customize it the way you like settings that allows you to control away..
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Dec 02, 2009
This script has everything you need to protect your channel, like - mass join protection, - clone flood protection, - swear protection, - advertise protection,..

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