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20 days ago
I was trying to get this to work as a !stats script instead of a /cstats as it works via that but won't work with the !stats . Anyone who can help with..
Oct 18, 2010
This is an mp3 player I've been working on for a long time, and probably will continue to work on. --Addendum: Haven't been working on it for a while. Ran out..
Oct 05, 2010
This is a nice mIRC with many features. Emoticons, Media player, favorite channels manager, notify list manager, query blocker (gate keeper), YouTube support, channel..
Aug 14, 2010
EDIT: Updated to version 1.81, fixed the bugs from 1.76 DeluXe MP3 1.81 is a nice MP3 player for your mIRC. It works nicely and doesn't require you moving any..

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