Published  Feb 25, 2012
Updated  Feb 25, 2012


by k0t3x aka KritiKILL aka daddy mode

This is a Utility script that I released in 2005. I decided to give it a small update and re-upload it for users to download. I tested it with mIRC 7.22 and it worked fine. The script was designed for the DALnet network.

Features: away system mp3 player user lists auto join channel spy (pops up a window alerting you when someone mentions your nick) fast keys lots of dialogs to control most features of mIRC and services such as chan, nick and memoserv clone scanner blacklist

Protections: kick, ban, deop, repeat flood, text flood, mass deop, colors, spam, mass kick, nick flood, swear protection with ability to add / remove your own banned words, clone notify and clone flood protection.



  cIRC +
2.51 MB
Feb 25, 2012
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Tweedle   -  Mar 03, 2013

*THIS FILE CONTAINS A VIRUS/MALWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!** Norton Security Suite 5 found a THREAT named "WS.Malware.1" the file (cIRC + More info on this threat can be found at: File was permanently deleted from my system, never to be seen again :) **THIS FILE CONTAINS A VIRUS/MALWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

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