Shoutcast Script on Dialog

Published  Feb 19, 2012
Updated  Feb 19, 2012


An easy to use script to show whats playing on your shoutcast stream with an easy to use dialog.


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Feb 19, 2012


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WiSHMaSTeR-Chatpret   -  Feb 26, 2012
nope the standard code is old i just made it work on a simple dialog for easy use
ProIcons   -  Feb 26, 2012
This is not his job..
WiSHMaSTeR-Chatpret   -  Feb 21, 2012
yes i know that now but i`m new on hawkee
napa182   -  Feb 19, 2012
No real reason to post this as a script when you could have posted it as a snippet.
WiSHMaSTeR-Chatpret   -  Feb 19, 2012
just liked it and i like to share it :)
WiSHMaSTeR-Chatpret   -  Feb 19, 2012
in the explain in de .ini file it`s dutch because i was asked to build it for a dutch internet radio but the dialog is english if there are people who want this in a multiple language it`s possible of course :)
DragonHeart   -  Feb 19, 2012
might wanna put in there what language you use.
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