Baazscript 3.0

Published  Jan 19, 2012
Updated  Jun 21, 2014


██████████████████████████For Windows 7: ██████████████████████████████████
Remove prev. Mirc Script Folder from
C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Mirc First
BaazScript Script is a script I put together for "beginners" and for Admins who want a "script" for chatting. It is specifically set up for chatting on IrCQ-Net. I has a couple of basics items that new chatters have told me they are interested in having, and none of all the other stuff found in most scripts that most general chatters never use. This is an mIRC script, meaning that it is based on the mIRC IRC Client program.
Although this script is set up for connecting to IrCQ-Net, you will need to add your own nickname to it. When you start the program, it will give you a window to add your nickname information. You will need to put in your nickname in this first window, then look in the listing on the left side of this window and click on Identd under Connect, and also input your info there, then you are ready to go. For details, see the explanation on how to set it up,

Admin control
Flood Control
Text flood control
color text
nick trace
memo read
just 4 popups.
Follow the steps below , It usually takes less than 2 minutes for you to begin mirc
||||||||| Am done with this Mirc Scripts. for normal chater use AdiIRC script and download below. |||||||| no registration required for AdiIRC. so its good for new users to use AdiIRC



1.63 MB
Jun 08, 2014


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