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Published  Nov 08, 2011
Updated  Nov 09, 2011


It's triggered with !g (search stuff)
You can trigger the script yourself
You can also use /g (search stuff) and it will echo the results to only you
It only returns 1 result, it doesn't do math or any extra features the google website does, it only does basic results
create a variable %chan_whitelist with a list of chans separated by spaces for chans you wish to have the script work in, Ex: %chan_whitelist #pball #lladq
If you want it to work in all chans remove the line "if (!$istok(%chan_whitelist,$chan,32)) halt"
There is a limit of 1 search every 5 seconds for spam protection, that can be changed in this line "else set -u5 %googlespam 1" by editing -u# to a different number

No guarantees on this working forever, but with the particular method this uses it shouldn't change and stop working much hopefully. Just message me here if the script stops working.

(Please keep the comments related to the script, pball looks at those people who argue about script vs snippet)


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Nov 09, 2011


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FordLawnmower   -  Nov 09, 2011

Cool, I messed with it a little last night and found that it just needed "client=pub-" to return results. I use the api for mine but I use normal google for site searches. Using /custom? will use less resources than /search? . I also found that you can use &num=X to control the number of results. Have a look :

I'll probably use /custom search with &num , the next time I have to use google for a site search :)

pball   -  Nov 09, 2011

I just found that url and used it since it returns a simplified search results. I never bothered looking into it much, so I just went and trimmed out all the fat. So I uploaded a v2 which just changes that url down to the bare minimum.

FordLawnmower   -  Nov 08, 2011

Just curious: What is the point of this long URL:

/custom?hl=en&client=pub-4099951843714863& $+ $web_input($2-) $+ &btnG=Search

I noticed the almost identical url in this snippet:
I always just use this: /search?q=fire and it seems to work fine, so I was just wondering what and all the rest of this does to change the results.
Is hyperwords your website ?

pball   -  Nov 08, 2011

What do you mean? For one I often see people complaining about no working google scripts. Secondly do you mean only return simple results and not doing math/definitions/currency/etc. I have another google script which offers all of those options, but it uses a C# exe, requires more upkeep, and I'm selfish about that one.

Frenetic   -  Nov 08, 2011

It's a nice script but, there is too many which just search. However, nice job none-the-less.

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