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Published  Oct 08, 2011
Updated  Oct 08, 2011


This script allows you to hide and unhide windows from a right click menu. When a window is hidden it is removed from the switchbar/treebar and minimized. This script is great for @windows that need to be open but you don't want to see or chans that you have to be in but don't care about seeing.

In chan and status right clicks a new submenu will appear. The main parts of the right click options is a sub menu for @windows and a separate sub menu for each network you are on. A check mark appears in the right click options if a window is hidden.

See the picture for an example, the checkmark next to Rizon (Status Window) means that window is currently hidden.



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Oct 08, 2011
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pball   -  Oct 08, 2011

Sigh, stupid description isn't showing my example properly, I'll figure a way to screen shot the menu.

added picture to show how the menu looks

ulquiorra4   -  Oct 08, 2011

ehmm.... :O

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