Published  Feb 24, 2011
Updated  Feb 24, 2011


;-=-( Greeter )-=-
; By Spoof
; Eurynome

Script features: -On- / -Off- | -SetGreetMsg- | -VeiwGreetMsg- | -UnloadScript-
Allows script to be activated or deactivated in a channel.
Allows user to customize their own greet to be displayed.
Allows the user to view an edit message to be displayed.
This completely removes the script and all text and files associated with script.
Note: Ctrl+K can be used while the SetGreetMsg box is opened to add individual colors
to your greet message.
Also using $chan and/or $nick must be manually added into the greeter depending on what type of greeter you prefer.
Example: 14 }®{ 11We12L11Cº14Me 14Tº14 }®{«~ $chan 14~»}®{«~ $nick 14~»}®{ 11Ha14v12e 14Fu11n14 }®{
Little advise, it's always a good idea to copy past the script link, authors nick, the description along with the directions and then the snippet into a new text file and saved.
This helps prevent any confusion on how to properly use the script and where you got it from.
This script loads in a NEW, Remote file and saved under any description you'd like.
I'd like to Thank Pegasus and V4mpire from for their help and patience on walking me though my mistakes in writing this script.


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dma   -  Jul 29, 2015

the snippet is on the pastebin link above

napa182   -  Feb 28, 2011

lol @ irchainscriptz
anyways @ loves.enough do you see the big button that says Visit Site click it or click this link.
@Spoof you could have posted it as a snippet an not link it to pastebin, but w/e

irchainscriptz   -  Feb 28, 2011

somewhere in his script lol

dma  -  Jul 29, 2015


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loves.enough   -  Feb 28, 2011

Where is Snippets Code ?????????????????

dma  -  Sep 21, 2015

in the zip file above

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