Published  Feb 09, 2011
Updated  Feb 09, 2011
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this is a wheel of fortune irc game in dutch from my friend and i
i hope you like it read install it's all


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Cookies   -  Feb 12, 2011

to the guy that wants to stop the sop from using bs say, just remove the sop, if he's a child, the he doesn't need to have that kinda power anyways :)

`HarryPotter   -  Feb 09, 2011

any idea how can I prevent my sop to use /bs say #channelname text

I'm fadeup with it, they are not going to listen and I want to remove it, is there anyway? I got full rights on server.


Sorasyn   -  Feb 09, 2011

You could have edited your previous snippet rather than posting another

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