Published  Feb 08, 2011
Updated  May 07, 2013


God-Irc evo.6 - Has all the features an irc user seek. A complete script with a style

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Jethro   -  Feb 08, 2011

What I meant was some people submit a script or snippet with their personal channels left in their work, such as #MyChannel when it's to be made as # or $chan. Or if $nick == Il-Kane and stuff like that.

I'm not much into pre-made scripts but with a clean copy of mIRC. My mIRC is merely "bare-boned."

Il-Kane   -  Feb 08, 2011

Yes ... it is still waiting for scan... or download from my site www.mysticstoners.tk

Jethro   -  Feb 08, 2011

Have you made your "personal script" suitable for public use?

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