mIRC - BL v1.6 (DNSBL Scanner)

Published  Jan 23, 2011
Updated  Feb 05, 2011


Changes: New Style Update check Fixed one year old bug 'Sorry for any inconvenience caused' 6 DNSBL slots (Must readme file)

v1.7 release - Unknown date POST ANY BUGS ON HERE this is on: Softpedia brothersoft



2.62 MB
Feb 05, 2011
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yama1992   -  Jul 13, 2012

ei this is allowed to CP n-series or java?

AmytiX   -  Apr 22, 2011

it'sOk ^^

Jethro   -  Apr 22, 2011

AmytiX, it's most likely a false positive that your virus scanner picked up. Any scripts or snippets submitted at Hawkee.com are pre-scanned to ensure that they don't contain a virus, trojan or malwares alike.

AmytiX   -  Apr 22, 2011

you are add a virus in yout scripte :p don't do that again :p

TophBeiFong   -  Feb 04, 2011

Found an error on the dnsbl settings, im going to fix it

TophBeiFong   -  Jan 25, 2011

lol 30 downloads and no bug reports

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