FTP SSL Example

By s00p
Published  Nov 12, 2010
Updated  Nov 12, 2010


An example of how FTP SSL connections can be established in mIRC, because retards seem to think it's "impossible".


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Nov 12, 2010


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s00p   -  Mar 02, 2011

@Jethro_: I understand that it seems to you I'm a prick. I did try to inform the other participant of the debate that it's possible. I only considered writing this code after said opposition questioned my intelligence. Yes, to you I sound like a prick. To people like him, I think it's a rude awakening that is required. If I come across as abrasive or rude, normally it's because I'm telling things how I see them. I try to put it in a way that says "I see it this way" rather than "It is this way". To me, it's honesty.

Jethro   -  Feb 28, 2011

because retards seem to think it's "impossible". Do you have to sound like a prick?

Jethro   -  Feb 28, 2011

Yes, script with such byte size should be posted as a snippet so people can comment easily right off the bat.

napa182   -  Feb 28, 2011

No real need to post this as a script, but rather a snippet.

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