LimePlayer 5.3 MP3 Player

Published  Oct 18, 2010
Updated  Jun 30, 2013


WARNING: This script may not work in part or full for users of Windows Vista and Windows 7, as it utilizes core media components of Direct X.

This is an mp3 player I've been working on for a long time, and probably will continue to work on. --Addendum: Haven't been working on it for a while. Ran out of ideas, and kinda think it's overengineered as it is. But for those who demand some measure of granularity in customization, I hope this suits you well!

Some Features:
* Full audio and video playback
* Windows Media Player to Lime Playlist Translator
* Auto-Announce and Announce Exceptions
* Full-featured Random Play (pre-emptive randomization, Recent Play Protection)
* Playlist Search
* Tray Popup and Tray Icon
* Much more!

Current Version:
v5.3 (04/09/11)
* Changed the Options Dialog, now has some settings for LimeVid.
* Added the following LimeVid Settings:
- Selection of File Prompt or Vid List on open
- Hold Video On Top
- Auto-close when video is complete

I maintain an archive of all builds back to 4.0.1, so if you are having any trouble feel free to contact me.


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Apr 09, 2011


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IllogicTC   -  Jan 08, 2011
UPDATE: After looking to it, I realized that the Video Player (Using DirectShow), and perhaps mIRC's embedded /splay function, use Direct X. However, as of Vista and Win7, Microsoft has been shifting away from Direct X and towards Microsoft Media Foundation, which are incompatible. I will be changing the description to note this.
IllogicTC   -  Dec 30, 2010
Hmmm.... It would be a lot easier if I had access to a Win7 machine to diagnose this error....

What you could try is changing the $lp_fp identifier alias as a start. It replaces certain strings found in WMP's XML sheet with their appropriate characters, but you could shorten it to


It should be around line 1259 or so, grouped up with a couple other one-line aliases. If this doesn't work, we'll dig deeper. Also, take a look in your variables for "%lp.fpath" and make sure it looks proper for the song you wish to play. I'll get digging into what's up with the Video Player in the meantime, though that may be a DCX issue (since not development has gone into it recently now that I think of it)

EDIT: The DCX version included in LimePlayer is 1.4.0. I have found v1.4.1 in Google Code, however upon testing, the list does not work properly, and there are plenty of changes in the log stating that it should be up to at least v2.0.0.1, though a compiled version is not available. If you want to see about getting 1.4.1 to work yourself:

MAKE SURE to make a copy of 1.4.0 before pasting 1.4.1 over it, just in case the list acts odd for you, also. Hopefully, this may fix the video issue.
sunslayer   -  Dec 30, 2010
this doesn't work for me on Win7

when i try to play music i get
* /splay: invalid parameters (line 495, limeplayer.mrc)
and when i try to play a video mIRC crashes
IllogicTC   -  Dec 30, 2010
Exactly, sunslayer. However, I will post a summary of the issue and a resolution, but if it's something with the coding itself I could just fix that myself and roll out a replacement version.

And just for the record, like it says above, anyone experiencing issues on WinVista and Win7, I may not be able to fix it. I'm still on an old WinXP, and it runs beautiful on this OS at least. :( :P
sunslayer   -  Dec 30, 2010
"we" could also have meant lllogicTC and ^WeSt
IllogicTC   -  Dec 30, 2010
Of course! I'd just rather not have tons of correspondence pasted all over here.
Jethro   -  Dec 30, 2010
How are "we" supposed to see the trouble being solved when you direct ^WeSt to send you a PM? Do you mean you're gonna post the solved matter here after it's been resolved in your PM then?
IllogicTC   -  Dec 30, 2010
If you're still having trouble, send me a private message with details and we'll see if we can't get it worked out from there.
^WeSt   -  Dec 29, 2010
Does not work to me, why you do not put all these files into a folder and a user can loaded from the folder, i did it and also not worked!
TheWhistler   -  Dec 05, 2010
nice thanks
ryan245789   -  Oct 18, 2010
ooo plays video? very nice
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