Published  Oct 18, 2010
Updated  Oct 18, 2010


This simple web server. Maximum faster as possible ;)

httpd.conf like Apache's httpd.conf
but primitive :)
many options used by wildward, quotes in filenames strict required.

Static content
Maybe I adding mSS (mIRC Serverside Scripting) in future, but unknown...
Mime-types by wildcard, example:

MimeType application/octet-stream ".bin" ".exe" "*.com"
MimeType text/plain "mirc.exe" no have idea for what second example, - just example =)

Index directory
very primitive design, it's not intersted for me, you just can it change

Aliases (virtual directory/files)
When you downloading /httpd.mrc from my IP, you downloading it from $mircdir/scripts/httpd.mrc, not /htdocs :)

Alias "/icons/*" "C:\Program Files\mIRC\htdocs\icons\"
Alias "/httpd.mrc" "C:\Program Files\mIRC\scripts\httpd.mrc"
Alias "/httpd.conf" "C:\Program Files\mIRC\httpd.conf"


Redirect "/source" ""
and when you requested /source - you will redirect to site.

Of course, supports UTF-8, spaces, many dots in filenames. The best parser, because I use binary variables. Of course, I saved result from parsing to %variable and this limited by mIRC, but bvar not limited and in most cases, this allows you to save a larger request (%hex codes saved as normal text).

I use this web server to shared files (screenshots, scripts, misc files) for my friends and people with whom I communicate. I do not need in CGI, processing of multiple requests etc. But I think this is best static web-server in mIRC :)

Online example:
(always online)



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Spoofing   -  Oct 18, 2010

And.. I forgot something..:

[b]How to install?[b]
copy httpd.mrc and httpd.conf files to $mircdir, make 'htdocs' folder, type in any mirc windows /load -rs httpd.mrc (click "yes"), and go to http://localhost :)
You can change port, folder and many other settings in httpd.conf (edit in notepad.exe), by default all works fine.

Also, why I not attached script? I see no button for load files :( maybe problem with dont know.

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