XDCC Browser v4.51

Published  Apr 23, 2010
Updated  Apr 23, 2010


An easy to use XDCC Browser. This addon will list all the XDCC ads for you, and put them nicely in a dialog. You could search these ads, and request them. And there's a good requesting system, so you can rejoin people in different servers, and resume the request from them. And of course you can request more then one XDCC from every user, and it will download them in the order you want.
This script supports multi servers, and multi mIRC windows via DDE ... so if you have a script that also uses it's own DDE then it might have some problems...
This script supports every XDCC script and advertisement.
There's also an option for online search that searches in XDCC search pages.


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Apr 23, 2010


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ovelayer   -  May 06, 2015

i know its alot of code but can't someone please update this to work with latest mirc..
everything seems to work on it ecept
when your in the browser tab and you click on the bots nick
on the right its supposed to show and update the bots packs but it stays empty
that's the only thing that doesn't work
please can someone help fix this?

spankylishus   -  Jul 20, 2014

nice script ... wish it could save list of downloaded files and be able to check for previous download so wouldnt have to check hdd or remember everything ive downloaded :)

ovelayer   -  Mar 02, 2014

doesn't work with newest mirc

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