Raven Script

Published  Apr 06, 2010
Updated  Apr 14, 2010


Raven script has been going for around 5 years now and has become very popular among irc users. Raven script is mostly built with dialogs.

Raven Script is perfect for new beginners to irc pros, also great for ircops too as raven script has almost every ircop command in dialog.

I see a lot of people asking for an ultimate script. Not many people can say theres is a ultimate script but Raven Script can be as it has almost everything from simple aliases to extensive dialogs. With your help and comments this could be a truly ULTIMATE script.

Apart from script you see and use there are also a few scripts that run in the background that you dont see. For example there is an auto updater that checks for new versions online, if there is a dialog will pop up asking you to update and if accepted this will auto download a update.zip to ur mirc dir, extract and add/replace with new files all auto. Then it will auto delete the update.zip for you.

Have Fun



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Gemster   -  May 23, 2010

just a note. Raven Script v2.2 is on its way, hoping for it to be finished in a month.

Main new features. Im adding flash games to raven script v2.2 the flash games wont open in another browser or another program like a few other mircs do, they will acually open in raven script like a new channel window. Not sure of haw many games to add as of yet but maybe between 10-30 popular games to keep all entertained.

All games comes with there own score boards which wont only show your score but it will show the score of every one who plays the game. If you want to submit your high scores all you need to do is registar your nickname on the dialog.

Gemster   -  May 15, 2010
there is no virus, like the readme states its a moo.dll that is used only to get some info from your computer like system stats. if you are unsure then just block that mod or chances are it will already have been blocked by your anit virus, mostly nortan anti virus.


This is basically because a n00b stole my script and renamed it as his. this little helpful script stoped him and ppl relized that he stole it. Also its for a bot im working on to collect some stats of who is useing raven Script.


This was ment to be removed, old auto connect script.


again another little helpful script for a bot collecting stats of how many users connect useing raven script ect.

yes there are a couple black files where i have had scripts that i have remade or updated there for deleted the old files. Reason i left them there is that there is an auto updater, when i next update to v2.2 I will add the new scripts to fill that space.

Thanks for the feedback guys
Hawkee   -  May 14, 2010
This script wasn't physically uploaded to the server so we had no way to virus scan it. We only check the files that we host on our server.
FordLawnmower   -  May 13, 2010
@airsfotglock if you read the readme.txt it tells you that moo.dll may show up as a virus. My scanner says it's clean and I also took a quick look at ALL the scripts, finding nothing that was really problematic.
Things I didn't like


;Commented out but still very odd.

;also has two unmatched end brackets for some reason }}
Raven41.mrc,Raven31.mrc & Raven33.mrc
Blank Files.

No virus's here! Just looks like a lot of hard work to me.
Jethro   -  May 13, 2010
I thought all the scripts submitted to Hawkee were scanned for viruses...Sometimes false positives could be mistaken for viruses, too.

If you don't trust a website in good faith, chances are that is not a good one to download stuffs from.

DanDog24, why did you spam?
airsfotglock   -  May 04, 2010
Gemster   -  Apr 13, 2010
Thanks for the comments guys but has any1 tryed this script to leave some comments regarding it ?

Ya Hawkee, ill add some screenys here too. I wasent on my home comp at the time i added this.


Edit: A few screen shots added
Hawkee   -  Apr 08, 2010
I noticed you have screenshots on your site, but you didn't upload any here.
Jethro   -  Apr 07, 2010
n00badocious, I notice your nick should have been "bodacious." It's a good word but you misspelled it. I hope you didn't spell it that way intentionally. The word noob and bodacious are two words in big contrast though...lol
napa182   -  Apr 07, 2010
n00badocious do you see the Visit site button click it to find out more..

n00badocious   -  Apr 07, 2010
This description is not describing anything i.e. what does this script actually do?
bugboy1028   -  Apr 07, 2010
Jethro   -  Apr 06, 2010
Wow gee, sounds very advertising. lol
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