DC mBOT v1.9.1

Published  Aug 25, 2009
Updated  Sep 10, 2011


This is a mIRC/IRC Bot, it has many features such as: !op/... commands - A good channel protections - Weather/Top10/Channel Limiter/Seen bot - Auto Voicer/Devoicer - Server Administrator feature and more stuff...
If you need more information about it, take a look at its screenshot from HERE and download the latest version of mBOT from HERE

Read up the 'Readme.rtf' file For instruction. and 'ChangeLog.rtf' for changes.
Read the Help sections for more helps in the Script (F11).
I Hope that this bot will useful for you :)



  DC mBOT v1.9.1.zip
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Sep 01, 2010


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MaSOuD   -  Nov 09, 2012
@mrgreaper Because it's disabled. It wasn't ready for that version.

@Rendy Unfortunately I don't.
mrgreaper   -  Nov 07, 2012
anyone know how to access the custom command page ? its all shaded out for me
Rendy   -  Apr 18, 2012
cool script bot,
do you have bot script for PvPGN server, especially for DotA BOT so we can control the server with BOT via IRC
can you share to us because i really need a script like that.
thank you.
ManicWaldo   -  Mar 18, 2012
Still waiting for v 2.0.0
Beautifulll   -  Sep 20, 2011
i would like to test v 2.0.0 as i enjoy using v1.9.1
please keep me updated !
Virusless   -  Sep 13, 2011
MaSOuD - I dont mind testing... :) are you on the GeekShed network? (irc.geekshed.net/6667)
MaSOuD   -  Sep 09, 2011
Good news, mBOT v2.0.0 is almost ready, many changes has been made. I'll need some beta testers soon. :)
Virusless   -  Sep 08, 2011
fair play for making a tool like this,
but its not for me.
Shadow Wolf   -  May 23, 2011
i love it, btw chachin just find a weather script and put it in it
Sharky_Dude   -  May 08, 2011
That's cause it's not installed yet. either MaSOuD didn't make one or couldn't get it to work how he wanted it, if you look in the bot's options it's dull grey, there was also a msg saying something like it didn't work or coming soon. He just hasn't added it to this edition. I found one on here that works great and just added it myself.
chachin   -  May 07, 2011
when i try to do !weather mycity the bot dont respond :(
Sharky_Dude   -  Apr 29, 2011
No, Thank you for letting us use it. The only real thing I would like to see added to this is an age kicker for 2 or 3 rooms. On my server I would like to have a snippet that would make them tell the bot there age then kick 17- on one room and kick 18+ in another but still I highly recommend this script. and yes it's a script not a snippet like some people try. Thanks.
ManicWaldo   -  Apr 28, 2011
MaSOuD - that would be great. Thanks.
MaSOuD   -  Apr 28, 2011
@Sharky_Dude: Yeah, nothing can be perfect. Always there are something that are missing in an application/addon. And of course you can adjust the bot and adding more features in it and use it..

@ManicWaldo: I've used channel's idle for devoicer because the matter is channel. If someone talks in private message he/she still has no activity on channel and our goal is channel's activity. I'll see what i can do about your request and hope to implement it if possible. Thank you for your opinion.

Thank you both for using mBOT.
ManicWaldo   -  Apr 28, 2011
There is something I really would like to see in your bot. An adjustable kick/ban for idle users based on their /whois idle time with three variables that can adjusted. 1. How often it checks for the idle time. 2. How long the person can be idle before kick/ban. 3. How long the ban will remain in effect.

The devoice for idling does not work for the channels in my server. The channels are purposely left unmoderated so the + added to a nick has a special meaning while those w/o the + have a different meaning. The time needed before lifting the ban is to insure the idle user doesn't auto reconnect before their auto reconnect runs out of reconnects.

And yes, I am aware of scripts that are specifically made just to circumvent the no idle policy set. But the number of people who are aware of such things are small.

A simple timer for idling doesn't work because the person may be in private chat and not active in the channel so I don't want them kick/banned. That's why the /whois idle time is needed.

Thanks MaSOuD.
Sharky_Dude   -  Apr 22, 2011
Okay so there are a few bugs with this thing and the !seen system is too detailed verging on flooding, but this is a great script missing only some things that I just made myself. Thanks MaSOuD.
MaSOuD   -  Apr 12, 2011
@ManicWaldo: Yeah, i've told him that in a private message because when he commented here, Hawkee had some issues and i couldn't post my comment here so i pmsg'd him. Btw thanks for your help.

@jarrodkharis: Thanks buddy. It hasn't everything, but has some useful thingies.

I hope i will surprise many of mBOT users with the next version by giving them the advantage of using a better and more stable mIRC bot. ;) Soon I'll set up a page on my home page for news about updating mBOT and users can keep tracking of what i'm doing.
jarrodkharis   -  Apr 12, 2011
dude, this bot..... is epic, its got all the features u need in a bot, good stuff man !!
ManicWaldo   -  Apr 11, 2011
ray ... that should be the channel limiter. Click F4 and the Channel Limiter tab. It's purpose is to prevent clone flooding.
rayrayray   -  Feb 24, 2011
hey i have a problame if you can help me, i have my own chatroom server now, and everytime i give the bot op it automaticly set's mode +l 8 why is it doing this, how do i stop it ?
MaSOuD   -  Jan 18, 2011
Yes, there are several mistakes/bugs in it that I've already fixed.
I'm working on the next version which is completely different with what mBOT is. (Many things had to be re-written and some more features has been added.) Trying to publish it as sooner as i can, however i have no many free times to work on it. The next version would be much more advanced and customizable.
Btw, Thanks for comment.
coolsecretspy   -  Jan 18, 2011
there is one fault with this script, the unban command doesn't work :(
MaSOuD   -  Nov 13, 2010
Thanks buddy :)
mattrob649   -  Nov 13, 2010
MaSOuD   -  Oct 01, 2010
Well, there's no trick. It's a bug which I didn't know that to fix it. I can help you to fix it handy until the next version comes. If you would like to do this then just send me a private message and tell me do you know a bit of mSL or no? Cause I should give you the correct code and you have to replace it with old code...
AJAG   -  Oct 01, 2010
Awesome, thanks for letting me know. I downloaded Mirc 6.35 anyways just in case to make sure it all works with it and then I can upgrade and see if it all works. Quick question, I can get the shoot list to work, but for some reason when I add users to the users' list they are not getting OPs or any other status I want to give them. Is there a trick to get it to work?
MaSOuD   -  Oct 01, 2010
Well, It has no huge problem with mIRC v7.1 (At least I haven't seen anything yet..) but I'm working on the next version, and the next version would be almost full compatibility with v7.1.
Bad thing is that i don't know how and when i can release the new version.. Cause I'm so busy, i hope that i can release it as soon as its possible.
AJAG   -  Oct 01, 2010
Hello MaSOuD, great work. Quick question, do you know if this bot works properly with Mirc 7.1? Your readme says 6.35 but not sure if you need that specific version or that is the minimum version. Thanks!
MaSOuD   -  Sep 29, 2010
Not really, there are certain addons to do that.
SethW   -  Sep 29, 2010
does this bot have the functionality to announce rss feeds updates real time in channels? would like to see forum topics/replies as well as twitter updates announced in certain chat rooms -- RSS seems to be standard features for eggdrop, supybot, etc but never on the windows bots.

let me know

thank you
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