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Published  Aug 09, 2009
Updated  Apr 17, 2011



Staff Bot 6 - A powerful bot that extends to the user a wide array of options so as to customize their channel and better maintain staff. Basically, the bot has become an open-ended module bot designed to help you run your channel and manage your staff better. Modules will come, they are on our forums and will be posted as snippets on hawkee. Remember to always accept initializations while installing!

BETA v. - Initial Release BETA v. -

Current Version:


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Apr 17, 2011
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The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jan 24, 2012

Working on version 7 if anyone is interested ^_^

BackSlash  -  Mar 24, 2013

I'm interested! Has this progressed any further in the pas year?

The_Almighty_Duelist  -  Sep 20, 2013

I wish, I've been dealing with leaving the army. For now that I'm out I can. Shoot me an email:

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The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jul 15, 2011

so i have this problem.... i lost the back-up of staff bot 6.4.. whatever the current version is. if anybody still has it, lemme know so i can get a copy from you

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Apr 17, 2011

I finally have a version checker. Not the most useful tool yet; however, i'm sure it'll come in handy in later versions. (: enjoy everyone!

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Apr 04, 2011

So I'm currently in Afghanistan so it could be awhile before I can get some updates actually posted. On the upside, hopefully I'll have plenty of time to make some new updates to the bot. Any recommendations?

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Mar 17, 2011

The support script should now be operational on

If you can't connect for whatever reason, try again tomorrow or ask on here.

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jan 24, 2011

oh, don't be so posh ;P

Jethro   -  Jan 24, 2011

No offense, sound sort of self-obsessed. Don't be too narcissistic when it comes to your own scripts.

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jan 24, 2011

So, I would just like to know, who actually uses the bot? :P (and where can i find yoU?)

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jan 18, 2011

Version has been uploaded. This is a security update when I found out that people could !op without being staff members.

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jan 11, 2011

Version has been released! It's new and improved, now with less death crystals than the leading competition.

Please note that when you download this new file, it will contain AGFile with it, along with a list of Staff Bot commands, and a README.txt

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jan 10, 2011

There's always the help feature, when you're not using the bot's window..simply type help

but I will also work on that too when i release the next update ^_^

Itsyuka   -  Jan 03, 2011

Could you post a command list so I don't have to search for it.

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Dec 25, 2010

PUBLIC has been release with MAJOR updates! :D I'm excited to say that this will probably be the best release of it. To install (if you have previous version), type /uninstallprevious and then /install sbot

Please note that you MUST have AGFile for this to work which can be found here:

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Nov 15, 2010

BETA has been released with quite a few updates. Tell me what you think and give me some more suggestions!

101st comment

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Sep 01, 2010

BETA has been released with a few updates. Tell me what you think, I want your staff bot experience to be the best one possible. ^_^

100TH COMMENT! This is my 100th comment on woot! woot!

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Aug 20, 2010

So I added a bunch of stuff for beta If you were wondering, the explanation for the numbers is this: 5 - Version Number - Changed only when a new version is released 1 - Build Number - Changed only when major updates are released 0 - Release Number 1 - Changed when an update is released or when something is fixed 0 - Release Number 2 - Changed when a minor update is released that is not necessary to download.

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Aug 17, 2010

Sorry about the mixup guys, actually i've moved back to my old server Check us out in #authoritygamer

BTW, Staff Bot 5 is done! I'm uploading the BETA as we speak XD

DevAkim   -  Aug 09, 2010

I think his went down also because of funding shortages. It's the same as it was before, but his backup was old, so lots of stuff was lost. Btw, what's your nick on there?

DevAkim   -  Aug 09, 2010

The channel #authoritygamer isn't registered. FlameChat is one of my favorite servers, I know the owner. :P

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jul 26, 2010

Awesome, right now my server isn't up (not enough operations funding kinda sucks) but I have a backup. #authoritygamer come meet me there and we can chat about Staff Bot

DevAkim   -  Jul 26, 2010

Thanks, /sbot worked. :D

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jul 24, 2010

You can open the console by typing /sbot -# where the # is the tab you wish to open (it is optional) or by pressing F1-F7 I believe, each one opens a different tab.

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Jul 24, 2010

You can bring up the console by typing /sbot or by press F1 through F7 i believe. They each open a different tab in the console. Alternatively, you can type /sbot -# where the # is the tab number you wish to open. If the tab number doesn't exist, I do believe it defaults to the first.

DevAkim   -  Jul 19, 2010

How do I open the console for it? It opened when it was done installing, I closed it, and now I can't find how to open it again.

Jethro   -  May 28, 2010

I was just on your server and nothing is going on WTF please email me lol

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  May 21, 2010

Finally! I am resuming my work on Staff Bot 5. If there is anyone who is interested in the development of modules for Staff Bot 5, you can contact me on my server. If you have Staff Bot 4, type /support. If you have the HCC, simply connect to the Help Server, also you can type /server -m -j #sbot5dev

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Apr 26, 2010

Staff Bot 5 will be postponed until such a time as I see necessary. I will continue to develop SB4 until I can't anymore. Support is now available, simply type /support on your bot, it'll take you right to my server. If anyone is extremely familiar with SB4, please let me know and I'll put you in a staff position on my server. Enjoy!

The_Almighty_Duelist   -  Apr 23, 2010

I've updated to the latest version I can find. I will begin work on 5 immediately. Please note, no support will be given for 4 anymore unless I feel compelled somehow. :s

If anyone would like to help with Staff Bot 5, please come to my irc server ( and well talk.

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