IRC Shoutcast Radio Bot V1

Published  Oct 06, 2008


Hello, someone made a radio bot, (kinda crappy and non modifiable)

and i was given the green light to rewrite it. so the base script was from but now i have rewrite it to 80%
i added a !schedule system, a !theme system, and there was no help file at all

so i wrote a !radio-help file for different levels.

1, 2, 5.

1 = everyone
2 = dj
5 = admin

When you install the script some windows will pop up, follow the instructions.
The adminpassword will be the same that you will use to do


Give the dj password to your dj's.

If you need help on installing a shoutcast server msg xplorer on #mircscripting i could provide you some tools too.


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Oct 06, 2008


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Xpl0reR   -  Jan 31, 2012
sorry, i don't speak this language, english or french only, i am too lazy to use a translator.
Xpl0reR   -  Jan 31, 2012
you need to put the adminpass when you auth
dj level: /msg BOT auth thedjpass
admin level: /msg Bot auth adminpassword

Make sure you have edited everything carefully.

I am expecting another version to be released, way more simple. and less useless piece of scripts.
rayrayray   -  Jan 30, 2012
Hello i am unsure on how to add my nick as admin, i do /msg botnick auth adminpass (i changed thawt to my info) and i get the message Authentication level DJ Successfull! how do i get it to say admin ???
petr.hric   -  Dec 07, 2011
Ahoj , koukám že stejně to rádio není uplně dodělán myslím tím bot :-D takže když bude dodělán ozve se mi někdo? potřebuju do vysilaní botíka téměř mi to muže dost pomoct s pozdravem pítrs
kontakt = email:
troll   -  May 21, 2011
cant wait ^
Xpl0reR   -  May 09, 2011
You need to edit everything in all the files, with YOUR settings.
a version 2 will be coming in the next weeks. With a Dialog for the settings.
akierry9   -  Feb 10, 2011
Im Download And... Me Type !Radio ... Radio OFFLINE y??
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