iTunes player v4

Published  Oct 22, 2008


This is the newest version of my iTunes player. Similar to the last version but adding almost full control to customizing its GUI. Keep in mind this is an iTunes player, and it depends on you having iTunes. Further explanation can be found in the ReadMe.txt.

Im not sure you can use bbcode here but heres a screen

Compatible with mirc 6.3+


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Oct 22, 2008


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 4.0 stars
Pros: Organized, the only iTunes script I know of.
Cons: Not very customizable, one slight bug.
I really like that I finally found an iTunes script. A couple of suggestions: have the mIRC message a little more customizable in color and what is listed. Also, the slight bug I came across is when the song title and album title are the same (i.e. The Eagles - Hotel California - Hotel California), the script seems unable to recognize this and puts them in the same field, messing up the data that comes after it (current place in track becomes album title, track duration is place in track, play count is track duratin) and the times appear in seconds. This may need fixing, but I will still give it a 4/5. :D
0 comment(s)    Posted May 05, 2010 by KurosakisTwin
 5.0 stars
I really love this script, I too use iTunes. It really has a nice look to it, I like the blue and white bars for the info, the icons are nice, the settings page looks great, etc. By the way, the settings page itself is awesome, you can customize like everything in the player. The only problem I encountered was my mIRC crashed when I restored the default settings (may just by my system, not sure). It's also cool that you can set the rating right in the player, rather than just displaying the rating. Overall it's a great iTunes script, and it's a keeper in my book. I give it a 19/20 + top rated script :)
0 comment(s)    Posted Oct 22, 2008 by guest598594


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BrAndo   -  Oct 25, 2008

thanks for the review mountaindew

^Neptune   -  Oct 23, 2008

The screenshot looks really nice. Darn it, I can't wait for the day that mIRC can do colours, progress bars, listviews and stuff in dialogs without need of DLLs.

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