MP3 Player v1.0

Published  Oct 22, 2008


This MP3 Player offers what no other MP3 Player does! More impressive features include a Color Changer, Broadcasting, extensive help files and much much more! Download and try for yourself!

Note: I have no idea why, but this script sometimes does not work with Vista.


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Oct 22, 2008


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This is a cool mp3 player for mIRC. I like how it can adjust the volume, mute, and it's cool that you can customize the colors. The marquee title is cool too, and how you can customize how it works. Another great part of this script is the html help files that include pictures. But when I loaded up the script it said to /load -rs MP3 Player.mrc, when it should be /load -rs "MP3 Player.mrc" (quotes) since they're spaces in it. The alignment of the player could use a few adjustments too. And when there's nothing in the playlist and I hit "remove file", it'll say "you didn't select a file", but then also says "are you sure you wanna delete it..."; I think it should just halt after telling you you didn't select anything. Oh and I liked the mp3 information too. Overall it's a great mp3 player.
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boxhead   -  Jul 19, 2012

@ ^Neptune-The code from snippet looked great but didn't play songs. The download gave me this :

silent.nahid   -  Aug 27, 2010

one problem...How do i save the playlist?

silent.nahid   -  Jun 13, 2010

Coolest one i've ever seen neptune!awesome!

[HANZam]   -  Jun 13, 2009

is it compatible with mIRC v6.35?

^Neptune   -  Oct 23, 2008

Wow! It's finally on! I have a huge update for this so expect to see it on soon also!

Thanks for the nice review.

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