mIRC Grammar Fixar 1.02

Published  Aug 04, 2008


Grammar Fixar, although not perfect, but meant for quickly correcting. Mocking the Window's Word spell check, I attempt a "Grammar Fixar" in mIRC, only to make n00bs more... understandable.

It has its own dictionary, and you can add or remove words using /addword or /delword.


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Aug 04, 2008


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This script fixes common grammar mistakes that people make. It was easy to install by reading the directions in readme.txt and it works as it should. It's easy to add and delete words or acronyms. One feature that I liked was that it detects when to use "an", so like if you type "I need a egg", it would say "I need an egg". And it also auto-capitilizes. The only real problem I encountered was not knowing whether the grammar fixar was enabled or not, I would use $style in the menu.
0 comment(s)       Posted Aug 04, 2008 by mountaindew

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ineedalifetoday   -  Aug 12, 2010

Works with mIRC 7.1


mountaindew   -  Aug 04, 2008

Did you include the .ini file? :/

Eugenio   -  Aug 04, 2008

Hmn Its not all that tbh, half of it didnt work when I tested it. only the captilising the first letter worked, the slang replacements FAIL

BlueThen   -  Aug 04, 2008

Holy crap, it actually got added. D:

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