By xbot
Published  Apr 17, 2008


xBoT CrEaTeD By Squit ! Is like the X on undernet. for commands http://xbot.virtuale.org/SFL/Commands.txt


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Apr 17, 2008


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This script has all of the basic commands that you'd expect, like auto join, slap, say, etc., but there are a lot of them. All of the commands are neatly organized in commands.txt according by user level, and you can get to it by clicking on a menu. It's easy to add "managers", just right click their name and click "add user", or use !adduser [nick] [lvl]. When I started reviewing the script, the first thing that I noticed was the animated titlebar, I think that's very unique. I also liked the fading color of the chat window backgrounds. So overall, 10/20.
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TonyRockz   -  Dec 24, 2009

here too :@

Cajun   -  Oct 16, 2009

Can not comment on it as Avast detected the virus in it and stopped the download.

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