Published  Mar 18, 2004


Gives the option to filter out or otherwise control annoyances (colors, bold/underline/reverse text, reverse acronyms, text that has been deliberately obfuscated with weird characters) on an user-by-user basis.


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Mar 18, 2004


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De-idiotifier is an addon that limits the amount of idiotified script you are exposed to on IRC. All of the features of this script are set per user per network. The first feature of this addon allows you to strip control codes from messages. You can strip colours, bold/reverse or all control codes. The second feature allow you to reverse acronym replacer scripts. The script will take 'Laughing Out Loud' and convert it back to 'lol'. The third option allows you to punish people who talk like monkies. Monkey talk is text that contains upper ASCII characters (characters like Âç). Obviously if you frequent channels where users speak languages other than english you should not use this feature. If you enable the monkey talk setting for a user and you are opped on a channel you will warn users when they use monkey talk. On subsequent events of monkey talk you will kick then kick/ban users.. If you are not opped you will warn users twice then ignore them for 600 seconds. It would be nice if this addon had default settings that would be applied to all users who did not have their own settings. As it is now you have to set settings for each individual user. This addon is definitely worth a try if you feel your IQ is being threatened by idiotified script.
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Crazz   -  Mar 25, 2004

very nice work sailoreagle ;p

DeathfireD   -  Mar 24, 2004

very cool Now this is the stuff I like to see lol

sailoreagle   -  Mar 22, 2004

Yup, the settings are only per user so far... I\'m working on the next version which will contain channel-wide and general (all channels on all networks) settings :)

DeathfireD   -  Mar 22, 2004

Nice add-on works great does just what you sead it does. I dident see a setting where i can set it to all the users if thats not there maby add that in the next vershion?

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