HDDspace v1.11

By Leif
Published  Mar 02, 2004


HDDspace is a simple addon that displays information about your harddrives current free, total and used space.

It also includes a few other small functions that that can come in handy some times.


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Mar 02, 2004


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The addon works well and does what it's suppose to do. Glad to see that all suggestions were taken into consideration seriously ;-) The only gripe I had was the fact that I never understood what the dialog option for what drives the addon scans (because it still displays all of the drives in the output).

A nice addon for a simple display of drive information. The code could use a lot of work, but other than that, it does it all okay.
0 comment(s)    Posted Mar 02, 2004 by Zmodem

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X-FILE   -  Mar 03, 2004

yeah i guess you are right , i don\'t find it usefull so i won\'t use it ;) Don\'t worry , in generaly short aliases don\'t conflict..but it\'s your choise ;)

Leif   -  Mar 03, 2004

going to my computer....blabla, now that\'s a waste of time when you can just rightclick while chatting :) and noone said this was gonna cure cancer or anything :P it\'s just a simple thing I did for fun, you don\'t have to use it if you don\'t find it usefull. It\'s not good to make an short alias that could conflict with others, so such alias you will have to add yourself, and I find it easier to rightclick anyways :) I guess I could make an option to remove the colors... well see about that... :)

X-FILE   -  Mar 03, 2004

sure , make a short alias for this and i\'ll use it..oh and remove those colors when you display to channel

Zmodem   -  Mar 03, 2004

Positive criticism please...thanks.

X-FILE   -  Mar 03, 2004

lol this is waste of time , i can go to My Computer select driver and then select Properties.. sorry to say this is useless ..

Leif   -  Mar 03, 2004

hehe well it\'s finaly up now :) The \"diskinterval\" you can change, only affects the output when you do a normal HDDspace with no options. It will display the drives in that range that you set (if they are fixed disks). Normaly it woks just fine for C-Z, but if you\'d like it to end or begin earlier you can change it with that option. Plz tell me if you still can\'t get it to work Zmodem... :)

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