Theme Engine MX v1.12

Published  Mar 07, 2004


Fully featured theme engine compatible with both the MTS and XTS formats.

-Bugfix update (v1.12)


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Mar 07, 2004


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I very much enjoyed the use of this theme engine. I am now going to use it in place of Kamek's theme engine because it is not only MUCH faster, but it also provides the 'RAW' options for modifying which ones to use/not use. I like this versatility. My only complaint towards this addon was the fact that it has the same dialog layout as Kamek's. Perhaps a new design is in order? ;-)

The only gripe I have is that certain colors are not matched correctly; my server notices still appeared in the natural green, but in the real MTS environment on seperate theme engines, I get my actual scripted color of orange. There's also a problem with the multi-server support, because if I connect to a new server, minimize the window, and then continue chatting on another server, it will echo the status contents to my active window, rather than the server's status window, while in other engines, it does not do this. Anyhow, these are only small, minor fixes. Good luck!
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Voice of Power   -  Feb 25, 2004

well took a while to get accepted, new versions out for a while now.. updates :P

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