MANmedia v0.31

By Man
Published  Feb 16, 2004


I created this to use mci.dll by necroman with simple commands. MANmedia allows you to play ANY thing MCI allows you (ie anything Windows media player will play [not including WMP9] This includes video (avi, mpeg etc) and also CD Audio.


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Feb 16, 2004


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The documentation for this addon contains no instructions on loading the addon. It contains complete instructions on using the addon. The documentation that describes the code is incomplete. The documentation is in HTML format but must be viewed with Internet Explorer. The addon supports playback of audio files and video files on your computer and ti supports playback of audio cds. This addon has no interface. It must be controlled through aliases. This addon lacks features such as seeking and volume control. This is not an advanced media player, it contains the most basic parts of a media player. This addon uses Windows Media Control Interface to playback media. Overall, this si a good addon if you want to make your own advanced media addon.
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Man   -  Aug 08, 2004

\'This addon lacks features such as seeking\' Umm you can seek using /MANplay -s, I probably didn\'t make it clear enough in the readme.

Man   -  Aug 07, 2004

Ok I am about to update with MANmedia 1.0alpha, it actually soes not resemble 1.0 in any way. I am currently working on 1.0 that will include \'advanced options\' like Cross fadeing etc. There will NEVER be any visulisations here. DVD playback will come ata cost of another dll, and MIGHT be included in v1.1 however I will see how 1.0 goes down.

Man   -  Mar 30, 2004

Im sorry I haven\'t commented, as far as I am aware there is instructions on loading in the readme.htm file, I created this not for a full blown player (if you want a gui you can easily create one for this) I might create a gui but it will only be a simple dialog. Im posting now, as I have had a few updates to correct some issues, currently I am redoing the readme (its awful atm I know).

mc_twistah   -  Feb 26, 2004

Manmedia is a great addon as a sample of using mci.dll by DragonZap. If this is a useless addon and why does DragonZap make mci.dll? This is an example of making addons within your imagination. Commenting that this addon is useless is useless hahaha. I think Man point is that he has made a media player out of scripting only. Nice job Man

X-FILE   -  Feb 21, 2004

sorry for commenting twice , it wasn\'t my intention ;)

X-FILE   -  Feb 21, 2004

Well that\'s just you , i want & need advanced options in a media player.. Look at your review , you said This addon uses Windows Media Control Interface to playback media. To open with media player you need to open mIRC first ..anyway nothing left to say. Good job Man!

tye   -  Feb 20, 2004

Windows Media Player is bloated; I would rather use this than WMP. I don\'t want a media player with lots of advanced options and visualizations.

tye   -  Feb 19, 2004

Windows Media Player does not integrate with mIRC. It may be easier for someone to type /splay file rather than loading WMP and opening a file. They may also want to create features that WMP does not have, such as advertising your currently playing song over IRC. Just because something already exists, that doesn\'t mean you shouldn\'t try to make an alternative.

X-FILE   -  Feb 19, 2004

I didn\'t mean to offend you (if i did , sorry!) it\'s just it looks a bit weird to me to code something that already exists ..

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