mIRC Video Conference 0.53

Published  Jan 02, 2004


mIRC Video Conference is a french (but a translation file is availbale in zip to have English menu) addon for mIRC who add video capability to it. It's compatible with mIRC 5.9 ang higher.
It supports all VFW capture driver and a lot of video format in input.
You can receive/send video with more than one person.
Have fun !


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Jan 02, 2004


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This is a great addon that allows you to video conference with other users on mIRC. I didn't find any bugs in it. I loaded it up, locally viewed myself (for like 1 second, til I became disgusted) and then called my girl using her IP address and conferenced with her. It may go slow on slower systems (on mine it was smooth as hell, but on my girls' system it was slow). I've been waiting for something like this to get done, I enjoyed it much! Good job! :)

The only complaint I had was the language defaulting as French.
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outlaw77   -  Apr 12, 2005

where would i get the translation zip?

tye   -  Apr 07, 2004

Are you clicking the link that says \'Download mIRC Video Conference\' or the \'download here\' link beside mIRC v6.12?

Mr_Dood   -  Apr 07, 2004

I tried to download this video conference addon, but when I downloaded it and opened it, it just opened a normal mIRC window. There was nothing special about it. It is the same with all the other stuff I try to download. What do I do? I really want to use some of these awesome programs.

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