mcWin Explorer v1.2.1

Published  Feb 18, 2004


This addon is a replica of Windows Explorer. It does not have the major functions of windows explorer but some of the functions are available on mcWin Explorer v1.2.1. You can set/unset your own default Home Address, remembers the Histories for easy recovery of sites or directories, view and clear the Log Addresses, enter a website, directory, or even browse for your directory without leaving mIRC. This version was the 4th update but I didn't submit the previuos versions here.


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Feb 18, 2004


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mcWin Explorer is a novel script which does an excellent job of mimicking Windows Explorer. You can easily view websites/directorys without leaving mIRC. It is very easy to use and the only downside is that keyboard shortcuts do not work when using it to browse folders.
0 comment(s)    Posted Feb 18, 2004 by IceShaman

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mc_twistah   -  Jan 22, 2004

and I can\'t even see the update button now :(

mc_twistah   -  Jan 22, 2004

I already updated this addon but the author notes the only one updated but the file isn\'t

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