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Oct 22, 2008
This is the newest version of my iTunes player. Similar to the last version but adding almost full control to customizing its GUI. Keep in mind this is an iTunes..
 4.5 stars  ·  2 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 26%   
Oct 13, 2008
Full featured script which gravitates toward chanOps & advanced users in multi-server (as of type) environment. Optimized for Unreal/Anope combination, however easilly..
Oct 10, 2008
This addon can replace smileys in mIRC windows with corresponding images (a-la trillian), perform regexp highlighting (should work for case-insensitive highlighting..
Oct 06, 2008
Hello, someone made a radio bot, (kinda crappy and non modifiable) and i was given the green light to rewrite it. so the base script was from suislebeat.ca but..
Sep 06, 2008
Okay here it is. I haven't added the shop as i had to relieve my computer of alot of stuff so lost what i had so far but i HAVE got the NPC Attacks here. Each and..
Aug 14, 2008
Using fmod.dll a sound system on Windows, Linux and Windows CE, PS2 and XBox, retrieved from www.fmod.org I made this so I could preload sounds and play without..
Aug 04, 2008
Grammar Fixar, although not perfect, but meant for quickly correcting. Mocking the Window's Word spell check, I attempt a "Grammar Fixar" in mIRC, only to make n00bs..
 3.0 stars  ·  4 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 21%   
Jul 30, 2008
Very simple Alarm for your script[s]
 2.0 stars  ·  1 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 14%   
Jul 26, 2008
So this is a torrent searcher. It searches for torrents on ThePirateBay.org. Read the readme.txt for help on using/loading it. Here's a screen: http://i34.tinypic.com/f0e0ih.jpg Note:..
May 17, 2008
PicWin Tools is a compilation of various identifiers and commands for making picwins easier. Contains GetAngle - Retrieves Angles Distance - Finds the amount..
May 03, 2008
Lagbar For The mIRC Client (5.91 And Over) Read The ReadMe.txt File
May 03, 2008
IRCop Tools For mIRC Instructions On How To Use Are In The ReadMe.txt File!
May 03, 2008
IRC game (Rock Paper Scissors) Messy code, but it works. Updating it all the time, probably going to completely overwrite it with a more expandable friendly..
Apr 22, 2008
Flags Addon , ^flag , By SiLveR_ShaDow ;1- Extract FlagS_AddoN.mrc Into Mirc Folder ;2- type /load -rs FlagS_AddoN.mrc ;3- Syntax: ^flags , ^flag Have..
Apr 17, 2008
xBoT CrEaTeD By Squit ! Is like the X on undernet. for commands http://xbot.virtuale.org/SFL/Commands.txt
 3.0 stars  ·  2 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 17%   
Apr 17, 2008
MSN Messenger client addon for mIRC. Has many features such as letting you change your name to anything, even if it is blocked normally, file receiving, invite,..
 5.0 stars  ·  17 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 42%   
Apr 17, 2008
unrar it into your mirc directory/folder then type /load -rs EasyUNOv14.mrc made a little GUI for bl4h's unobot. Hope you have as much fun as i did making..
Apr 07, 2008
Versatile multi-network filesharing-community in-development script with a powerful fserve supporting number-range commands, able to make socket connections to other..
 4.0 stars  ·  2 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 17%   
Mar 28, 2008
I just made this in terms of how i wanted my mIRC to look, i hope youll like it =D
 2.0 stars  ·  2 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 17%   
Mar 25, 2008
A full auto identify addon with stunning features and dialogs. Well written and unobtrusive this is a must for every irc user. Paste the link below into a browser..

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