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Jan 27, 2014
All thanks and appreciation to all that contributed to me and gave me a service in the completion of this mIRC Script Of tests and tips large or small ... Thank..
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Jan 16, 2014
this is a simple auto ident on connect script
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Dec 15, 2013
An away script which stores here and away nicknames for every network you're on, and allows you to switch nicks across all networks at once. You can also turn the..
Nov 08, 2013
All around script. Scripted for: Unreal IRCD - DALnet - Quakenet - Undernet Help included for this networks... Report any bug : find me in DALnet channel #We /n..
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Sep 12, 2013
Chang log in version 4: - Fixed bug of quit through SendQ Exceeded on Pvt flood - Improve stability during flood in ping time, this will not let you excess flood..
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Sep 12, 2013
Script by L1To3. I hope you enjoy!! Thanks, Hawkee =)
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May 20, 2013
God-Irc evo.6.2 and a revamped version of God-IRC evo.7 is released. In God-IRC evo.6.2 Added a custom nicklist and fixed some issues... By popular demand i decided..
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May 07, 2013
God-Irc evo.6 - Has all the features an irc user seek. A complete script with a style! Download from:- http://www.godirc.tk
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Apr 08, 2013
VxD script Necr0n0mic0n ❽ Version 8 ☠ Rev.8.Hi is a mIRC software that allows you to manage the graphics of the mIRC client in many aspects. Can change..
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Jan 21, 2013
ProvisionIRCd is a free mIRC based IRC Daemon. Host your own chatserver, with a very big management system. For latest release, go to http://provisionircd.no-ip.org Scroll..
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Dec 23, 2012
A Custom Blue mIRC Theme.
Nov 05, 2012
With the Youtube Manager you can simply click on a Youtube link to copy it to your clipboard, or double-click to view it within your irc client, all while continuing..
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Oct 17, 2012
;Please read this entire file before proceeding ;Taken from my previous mIRC DeluXe Lost Version's Gate Keeper 1.3 ;Turn into Add-On by request for Anon_Lewy ****************** DeluXe..
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Sep 13, 2012
mIRC GUI 8 graphics engine This addon is able to customize certain aspects of the mIRC client from version 7.xx - Nicklist (manages the colors, the..
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Aug 21, 2012
Advanced youtube search: It's a dialog version of this code: http://www.hawkee.com/snippet/6911/ Instructions are in a text file, read them to know how to..
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Jul 25, 2012
best Script fully loaded oper popus funny popups help menu for newbie and etc Download frm here :-
Jul 20, 2012
You need to just right click then go to "on" Guidelines: You have to create a .mrc file in the mIRC directory and a comic.txt file there with your links. If..
Jul 15, 2012
Battle Arena is an mIRC game in which you join and kill monsters and bosses to gain orbs and new weapons/skills/techniques. It’s similar to DMC, as that’s really..
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Jul 12, 2012
If you have suggestions or feedback, please post them below. I've been using this script for a while though so it is tentatively bug-free through normal usage...
Jul 01, 2012
It's been a while sinve i've posted much so here is my latest update on DarkRealmIRC. You're going to want to go into scripts editor and nickcaller and change the..

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