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1 day ago
This addon makes use of the emotiv wireless headset, that reads 14 channels of raw neural data. This requires you to run a Python script that reads the USB dongle,..
15 days ago
The RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services is an multi IRC channel bot, based on modules design, it's easy and is that anyone need for his/her channel, including an setup manager..
24 days ago
SPiDeR ScRipT V 1.0 By Vampires_Slayer CopyRights Recived To Vampires_Slayer Homepage: Http://www.Spiders-S.cjb.net
25 days ago
Invincible 1.0 by Xtry InvincibleScript@yahoo.com #FFA @DALnet
25 days ago
FraGma+ 1.2b script made by bore [migueleh@sapo.pt]
25 days ago
fractal 1.0.9b60 Copyright© fractal inc Scripted by Tig0ti
25 days ago
Here is one old Script...enjoy Ebless ScripT v8 Written by Ebless
25 days ago
One Of THE OLDEST scripts IRcap (c) GSi, 11/11/2001
25 days ago
De\/Gru ns1.8 Written by DarK-3D @ DALnet I Think It`s RIP of anaconda Script, anyway its Nice And OLD ATTENTION: there is some bad codes in the script, please..
25 days ago
De\/Gru ns1.8 Written by DarK-3D @ DALnet I Think It`s RIP Of Anaconda Scripts, Anyway it`s Nice AND OLD :) ATTENTION: there is some bad codes in scripts,..
25 days ago
# >> KillerScriptet v3.0 for mIRC v6.03 by |Red_Bu|| # >> Version: BETA v3.4 # >> File: KillerScriptet v3.0 # >> This..
25 days ago
One Of The Best Script written by Snake @ PTnet IRC network I Know Other Script With Name De\/Gru, this two Scripts Are same, I Don`t Know Which is RIP
Jul 31, 2014
Due to alot of requests to update God-IRC evo.6.2, here it is the new version God-IRC evo.6.2. Fixed some bugs with the script, updated the readme, fixed some themes..
Jul 28, 2014
mSL++ is an object oriented framework for the mIRC scripting language.
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Jun 04, 2014
Tihs script makes EFNet's +g umode easier to live with. First, type /gmode (turns on +g umode) instead of /accept'ing all your friends, all you have to do is open..
May 10, 2014
This is the biggest and most in-depth gangsters/mafia RPG script we've released to date! Full description of how to play is located under the 'How to Play' button..
Apr 29, 2014
- Download .mrc file & Load it into your remotes. - Type /leech to leech the web for proxies, Do not worry if mIRC freezes or hangs, this means the script is working..
Apr 03, 2014
Nickname manager is an addons that allows you to manage your registered nicknames. - Supports multi network. - Stores unlimited nicks. - Auto identify, auto..
Mar 29, 2014
AllProtection.mrc is an addons that has complete channel protection. It protects your channels and 'you' from any kind of floods and spam. *** This script is..
5 comment(s)  ·   ·  mIRC Script
Feb 28, 2014
Basit ve sade arayüzü ile yüksek oranda ayarlanabilen ve kişiselleştirilebilen program, arkadaş listesi, dosya transferi, çoklu sunucu bağlantısı, SSL..

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