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 5.0 stars
Pros: Addictive,cool,easy to play,fun,yeah.
Cons: If you hold your ipod in one direction the little guys just slides across the screen, they didn't need that warning in their title
This app was amazing. Usually when I am waiting for something I play this game. Very fun. Though they didn't have to put that warning in their title. I give this a 5, but that's just my opinion on it. I never buy any apps anymore, so I wouldn't know if there was a better version out there. This has been the end of my Doodle Jump review.
6 comment(s)       Posted May 02, 2010 by AnaBotNowYourGone


Sorasyn  -  May 03, 2010

haha yeah i have it already, its pretty good not insanely addictive like it says though XD. why would they have a warning lol

[Plornt]  -  May 05, 2010

This is the worse game I have ever wasted my money on. The creators are dicks that make out there game to be "Brilliant" and make out the possibilities are endless and always talk about how theyve "Out did themselves with this update" and what not.

Its an obvious take off of Papi jump. And generally the game sucks.

I would not reccomend it to anyone, EVER.

AnaBotNowYourGone  -  May 07, 2010

@[Plornt] Sorry for the late reply, couldn't get on my computer. Err... that was a little harsh =S. I think it's good, but IDK. I only have 10 apps on my ipod and if i get bored I play it and it's fun to me.

[Plornt]  -  May 09, 2010

It just annoys me that the developers are so full of themselves when there updates are just images and its a clone of papi jump, which actually has many diffrent types of games and scenes, and that came out before this... AND is free.

How can anybody not say that the developers are idiots by just reading the game description. I was totally mislead when I bought this game to believe it was somthing other than it was.

AnaBotNowYourGone  -  May 19, 2010

@[Plornt] Well I don't really know or care about the history of the app. So I think it's good.

guest598594  -  Jul 19, 2010

I like the app even though it looks like a copy of Papi Jump. Like AnaBotNowYourGone, I don't really care about the history or the developer's thoughts, I just think it's a fun little game. My high score is 24k so far.

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