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 3.0 stars
Pros: The Night Display Feature
Cons: Rather common
The only added feature I found on this app is Night Display (beyond fading in). All other features are included with all other alarm apps. I need MULTIPLE alarms (i.e., more than two (2)). When I purchase additional software, I expect versatility. If I need it, I would like a separate alarm for each day of the week with an option of creating multiple daily "reminder" alarms for different appointments, meetings, occasions.

The features in the app don't justify the hoopla. If I would've navigated the menu faster than the 15 min. time limit, I would've requested a refund. Disappointing.
8 comment(s)    Posted Feb 15, 2011 by alb822


yelow79  -  Oct 18, 2011

Really? I am shocked. I use this alarm clock app and use it much like you explain and have found it to be very usefully and versatile. I have never had a 15min limit on anything. In my opinion this app is worth every penny.

alb822  -  Oct 19, 2011

For a FREE alarm clock app, it would be worth it. Paying for it means that there's more than just the Night Display. I need more than just the 2 alarm features this app offers, that's why I paid for it. I want different alarm settings for the weekday, appointments, weekends, events, etc., without constantly changing the time for each. I thought it offered more than what I got. I ended up paying for the Night Display feature. I can dim the display at night or whenever I want. I don't need that type of duplication. The limited features didn't justify the cost. I deleted it. The app that came with the phone just the same job with the same inconvenient limitations.

yelow79  -  Oct 19, 2011

This app does everything you mention that you need and more. Before you write a crappy review, learn how to use what you are reviewing. Also this app is extremely easy to use. I dont know how you could have possibly not figured it out.

KilllerX  -  Oct 19, 2011

um... I can do that on my "dumb"phone and not have to purchase anything extra, can't you set up an alarm or notice though your CALANDER!!!!

alb822  -  Oct 22, 2011

I want more than TWO alarms on a clock app, not a calendar app. It's easy to use with only two alarms. There's no justification for the cost. A 3-star disappointment is a very accurate assessment.

yelow79  -  Oct 22, 2011

You are so ignorant! Use the app before you write a review! You have obviosly never used this app.

alb822  -  Oct 22, 2011

I bought it. I used it. I didn't like it. I still don't like it. It's features don't justify a cost. End of story.

yelow79  -  Oct 23, 2011

You are saying that it doesnt have features that it does have!

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