Real-Time Subscription Form Email Validation (Smart Subscription Form)

Published  Jul 29, 2013
Updated  Jul 29, 2013
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This email marketing subscription smart form is used for capturing and validating your subscribers emails in real-time via our API (available in ASP.NET and PHP) for webmasters, blog owners or site admins.

Collecting, validating and exporting your subscribers emails is very easy with this smart form. When subscribers register and enters their email on the form on your website or blog, the API enabled smart form automatically checks to see if the email address supplied is valid or not and if it is not, displays a prompt for the subscriber to enter another email. This Subscription Smart Form allows you to set up a subscription form in you website or blog easily and is very accurate (up to 98% for all known and free email email domains such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL etc)

The subscriber email validation is done completely in your website or blog where the form is installed, so your visitors don't have to leave the page when they subscribe. Once the email has been validated and submission has been processed, the subscriber will see a "Thank you" message in a new window. On the Admin panel of the form, you can easily configure your email marketing software to import the leads directly from the MySQL email database backend of the form or simply export the emails in TXT or CSV formats.

What is Checked by Smart Form:

1) Email syntax: This checks the email addresses syntax and ensures that they conforms to IETF standards

2) Mail Server Existence Check: This checks the availability of the email address domain using DNS MX records

3) Mail Existence Check: This checks if the email address really exists and can receive email

4) Catch-All Domain Email Check: This checks if the email domain will receive all of the email messages addressed to that domain, even if their addresses do not exist in the mail server.

5) Disposable Email Address Check: This checks if the email is provided by a known Disposable Email Address (DEA) provider such as Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, GuerrillaMail and about 2000 more

6) Role Accounts such as,, etc

7) Known Spam Traps and Honeypots ( Checked against millions of known spam trap database)

8) Known Blacklisted emails and Email Domains or BOT emails (Checked against over 1 million records)

Live Demo:

Note: The smart form is provided free of charge and can be re-branded, modified or customized but requires the use of two API Keys which you must purchase and configure into the smart form in order for the form to function.

To learn more and purchase the API keys, please go to the app URL or contact us. If you are interested in testing out the form with a free trial API keys, you can request for 100 quota API keys that will allow you validate up to 100 emails via the smart form.



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Jul 29, 2013


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