FourierAnalysis - MouseMotion

Published  Dec 24, 2012
Updated  Jan 06, 2013
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A cool little demonstration of a Fourier Transform (not really FFT) class that I made.

Move the mouse back and forth to create a signal representing the mouse's x-position over time. The FT class then performs a one-dimensional Fourier Transform and returns FTData.

The leftmost graph displays the mouse's x-position in the time-domain. The graph to the right of the time-domain graph is a magnitude over frequency graph. To the right of that is a real/imaginary over frequency graph. The rightmost graph displays phase over frequency.


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Jan 06, 2013
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Dec 29, 2012


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JamoBox   -  Dec 26, 2012

@supercapacitor Or rather, Java 6 is Java 1.6. But yes, that is correct.

supercapacitor   -  Dec 24, 2012

For some reason the demo doesn't work so you have to download and open in order to run the application.

Java 1.6 is Java 6 right?

Hawkee  -  Jan 03, 2013

Yes, the Java demo system seems to be broken. I think I might just remove it.

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Hawkee   -  Dec 24, 2012

Apps aren't really meant to contain code. They're mainly for linking to a completed project.

BlueThen   -  Dec 24, 2012

Hi. I believe you can use [ code]

 tags on your code to keep it clean and indented.
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