Messenger using MySQL Connection

Published  Dec 02, 2012
Updated  Dec 02, 2012
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This is my Messenger created with VB 2010, using MySQL Connection.
1) To test this program you need to create a database in your server, named: "messenger", then a table: "users". In users add two fields: "username" and "password". Create them, and add some data there.
2) Try to login with your data

You will see that u can access the program with any account, so, basically it just for testing :P


  1. Login form
  2. Show that form if the username is not correct or doesnt exists in database
  3. login OK
  4. Chat window



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Dec 02, 2012


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afp_romania   -  Dec 03, 2012

well, in the sistem you can use ajax to auto update :D

Sorasyn   -  Dec 03, 2012

I can't seem to wrap my head around sending messages to and from via MySQL unless it somehow forwards messages through to the recipient.

afp_romania   -  Dec 03, 2012

noup, but soon maybe :D

Hawkee   -  Dec 03, 2012

Pretty neat, do you have an English version?

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