A simple 2D platform game built upon a world of destructable blocks.

You are a circle lost in an alien world of squares. You must make your way through 30 levels to reach freedom.



3.56 MB
Dec 29, 2012


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Hawkee   -  Dec 26, 2012

@supercapacitor Looks like part of it is still compiled for 1.7: mywindowgui/WindowGUI

supercapacitor   -  Dec 24, 2012
Hawkee   -  Dec 24, 2012

Looks like you compiled it for Java 1.7, but I only have 1.6 available on this machine. It is always best to compile Java apps to work with 1.6 unless it is absolutely necessary to use 1.7.

supercapacitor   -  Dec 24, 2012

Check out version 1.4!

supercapacitor   -  Aug 19, 2012

New Version (a lot better).

supercapacitor   -  Aug 05, 2012


blackvenomm666   -  Aug 04, 2012

looks pretty cool

Sorasyn   -  Aug 04, 2012

Agreed wow it looks pretty impressive.

Hawkee   -  Aug 04, 2012

Very cool, I'll have to look at your map files.

supercapacitor   -  Aug 03, 2012

Only 31 are included, but it's fairly easy to design a level using notepad.

Hawkee   -  Aug 03, 2012

Wow, looks like quite a game. How many levels did you create?

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