USGS - Portable Earthquake Map (PEM)

Published  Mar 08, 2011
Updated  Mar 08, 2011


The USGS Portable map allows you to view areas of the USA Real-time earthquakes
-Automatically Refreshes Map every 5 minutes
-Able to view CVS File .Shows locations and information

Note: The freezing is normal when you refresh or click on a location



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TophBeiFong   -  Mar 20, 2011

Found out the issue, The Visual Basic PowerPacks caused the bug

TophBeiFong   -  Mar 14, 2011


Arigateaux   -  Mar 14, 2011

I think your errors were the ones to cause the earthquake in Japan. Lol.

TophBeiFong   -  Mar 11, 2011

ok this error is getting annoying, i think there is a bug in Visual basic 2008, i have to do my projects all over again dammit

sunslayer   -  Mar 09, 2011

i keep getting that whenever i try to launch the file

TophBeiFong   -  Mar 09, 2011

Have you noticed any error messages like 0x0000135?

Firstmate   -  Mar 09, 2011

The USGS has a building right near me, walks over there to see the same map

This is some cool stuff though!

Hawkee   -  Mar 08, 2011

Great, it's nice to see some apps being posted.

TophBeiFong   -  Mar 08, 2011

Ya, and i'm going to publish an new YouTube downloader

Hawkee   -  Mar 08, 2011

So this uses a webview to download a portion of for display?

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