3D Pong

Published  Feb 25, 2011
Updated  Feb 25, 2011


Open sourced Processing take of http://www.liquid.se/pong/ and a bit of http://www.mostfungames.com/curveball.htm


220.94 KB
Feb 25, 2011


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BlueThen   -  Mar 05, 2011
Yes, the pde file should be viewable with any text editor though.
SunnyD   -  Mar 04, 2011
Haha, after seeing Blue Then's scripts it's rather tempting. It'd take some reading up on Processing but the Java doesn't look too difficult. (I'm assuming .pde file extension is Processing that is. Lol)
Hawkee   -  Mar 04, 2011
SunnyD, maybe you ought to give Processing a try. We could use some more demos to try.
SunnyD   -  Mar 04, 2011
Love the "Try Demo" button. Very nice easily a time spender lol.
Mfoust   -  Feb 27, 2011
shoot i got going good then i just flat out got merked
BlueThen   -  Feb 26, 2011
The game never ends, so don't expect a "You Win!" screen any time. Also a note: the applet was originally 640x480. It should work fine in any size though.
Hawkee   -  Feb 26, 2011
Pretty neat little game. Computer beat me though..
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