mIRC 5.11

Published  Jun 14, 2010
Updated  Jun 14, 2010
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Wow.. So old school :p I found the file for 5.11 but that was the earliest i could get, no better place to share than here. I couldn't believe what the old school mIRC looked like, infact.. not a lot different..


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Jun 14, 2010


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RusselB   -  Jun 20, 2010

Older versions (not just for mIRC, but also many other programs) can be found on http://www.oldversion.com

Jonesy44   -  Jun 14, 2010

Just wanted to see what it looked like! But that was the oldest one i could find:) i'd love to try 2.1 :L

Jethro   -  Jun 14, 2010

Oh lordy...Why would you want to go back to an older mirc version? Most of the old versions have bugs and unpatched holes. Running 'em increases security risk.

AnaBotNowYourGone   -  Jun 14, 2010

mIRC 2.1a looks way different... o_o
Anyways, mIRC 5.11 is a good discovery (I guess).

TheWhistler   -  Jun 14, 2010

Here you go Jonesy44
from Mirc6.21 down to Mirc2.1a

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