Published  May 14, 2010
Updated  May 14, 2010
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I'm the developer of MyIRCTools If you Have not heard of MyIRCTools take the time to Find out! The Main reason I made Our Indexer and Channel lister cause SearchIRC just did not fit in well with websites .
Here Some Network using it:

Key Features are:

  1. Live Channel Topic and Name Search
  2. Custom Colors
  3. YouTube link to Embed
  4. Image Links Viewer(Coming soon)
  5. Google Map's Links Viewer(Coming soon)

So let me Know what you guys think and if you like it for your network email me or PM me here Right now its only set up for network's less then 500 Channel anywho let me know!




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Pam G.   -  Feb 28, 2012

Ok How can this be on a Kindle fire device? I have been trying to find a way to get starchat on it. And I found out that only do javascript.

Korvin   -  Jul 11, 2010

I'd like to fix your accordion script if you'd allow me to, it needs a stop so it doesn't constantly expand and contract if you jam it.

MyIRCTools   -  May 14, 2010

ok after I watch Flash Forward i will change it

raccoon   -  May 14, 2010

Neat, but perhaps excessively artsy / pretty. The sliding moving interface is pretty fun to play with.

My peeves would be; the up/down arrows are difficult to find and control -- they shouldn't be hidden in the background. the lack of channels listed by order of popularity, no user count visible until you expand the channel details, and the text string: "Users: 4 Modes: [+ntr]" is easily misread as "4 Modes".

I would leave out the modes entirely, considering this interface is supposed to be "user simple". Instead, perhaps include plain language like "By invitation only" or "Requires a key to join"... only things that matter to the general public.

MyIRCTools   -  May 14, 2010

Thanks Jude

Jude   -  May 14, 2010

This is a must have if you have a website with your irc server. easy to use. and great the way you can see the topics and go down the list with ease
its a must have for your irc server website.

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