Published  May 11, 2010
Updated  May 11, 2010
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Wkchat is a new and very good irc client. 100% clean from viruses or trojans.
It has mp3 player built in, you will no longer need plugins to show what you're listening to on an irc channel, fonts set, away message system, audio on/off, you can add any image on jpg extension as your chatroom backgroud, an easy tag maker to help you decorate your texts, an easy tag maker on the mp3 player to decorate the song's name you're displaying, a word converter and a lot of very good things. You don't need any scripts, just enjoy.
For more info: http://wkchat.freevar.com/


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Dark|   -  Dec 04, 2010

Add ssl?
and a few other things
other then that its alright

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