Weldon   -   49 mins ago
Happy Hoppity Easter to all Hawkee members :)
Hope everything went as according to plan xD
enemy89will   -   8 hours 16 mins ago
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yeu-ultimate-dental-exper   -   9 hours 1 min ago
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Weldon   -  3 days ago
Xtreme-Chat now has a chat applet for its website called mibbit for now till i get LightIRC configured the right way and everything uploaded to the webspace. We also have a LIVE radio in #Xtreme-Radio which is broadcasted 24/7. We are also linked to ExChat. Those that want to come and visit whenever can either use their irc client or the web browser. Room: #Xtreme-Chat
Hawkee   -  4 days ago
I just started using Evernote and it's quite nice so far. I'd been using Bean for the past year and TextEdit before that. Time to get with the times.
SReject   -  4 days ago
@Hawkee In the top-right bar with "Home", "Threads", "Projects", "Code Snippets", could we get an "All" button as well that would show not only the latest threads/projects/code snippets but also the latest comments
SReject   -  9 days ago
@Hawkee URL's with parenthesess fail to parse right, as seen in this post:
SReject   -  9 days ago
@Hawkee Instead of having bukkit as the platform, could you just add minecraft as an 'all-inclusive' for minecraft, bukkit, forge, liteloader, and the 20 thousand other API's for the game? I just added a ComputerCraft Lua script and it doesn't fit with bukkit as computercraft uses the MCForge platform
sean   -  12 days ago
@Hawkee Have you considered allowing users to create vanity URLs for profile pages? (similar to Facebook, Google+ etc.)
duckz   -  14 days ago
Help chan msg all voiced members currently in chat ...

Looking for a trigger (!voiced) or what ever when its used it will msg the channel via bot to include every nickname that is currently voiced and or oped in channel ... Thanks!
ProIcons   -  14 days ago
TheMovieDB decided to add my mSL TMDb Wrapper, into their official Wrapper List.
Thats nice:
ProIcons   -  15 days ago
@Hawkee Uploading through Mobile is not possible cause button is not opening file manager of android on Google Chrome
SunnyD   -  17 days ago
So I'm a bit of a newbie with Javascript, and have been doing a good amount of research on click events. Sadly I've yet to resolve my problem of not getting any click events to fire on my pages, not a single one. the JS doesn't even seem to be getting evaluated at any point.

Things I've tried:
- Calling the click event on a CSS classed HTML element.
- Calling a "live" function on a CSS classed element.

I just need to call a simple click event on one element identified by a css class type. Can anyone offer some suggestions?
[AFX]   -  17 days ago
qnx for mirc

whats new?

- zAmp audio player (addon i created previously)
- integrate zAmp into config dialog
- new statusbar
- enable/disable icons in config treeview (cosmetics only)
- various fixes issued via script updater actively
ProIcons   -  17 days ago
TMDb GUI Updated to Version 1.1.0. You can now change the font of the displayed Results
BuxXray   -  18 days ago
I need help,

how can i make a random questions..

example :

questions :

who are you? : answer Lol
How are you? : answer fine

when it randomize ' How are you' .. how can I add the answer Fine There??

pls. I need help
TehPolecat   -  22 days ago
Does mirc have an identifier for the message sent that triggered a command?(like $nick or $chan but for text). Like if I want an on text command that takes in anything and just returns it back.
PuppyStream   -  23 days ago
Still a noob. But please <3

How will I use this script on a bot to send to a specific channel and not to all channels the bot is in?

Since the bot is listening to more than one channel it will be triggered for channels that has nothing to do with the script at all.


on 1:TEXT:!song*:#:{
if ($chan == gamepuppy) { msg $chan /me -> We are now listening to ' $+ $dll(spotify.dll, song,) $+ ' by $dll(spotify.dll, artist, }

PuppyStream   -  25 days ago
Not sure if this is the right place but I am trying.

I am using a bot with a simple script:

ON 1:JOIN:#: {
if ($nick == $me) && ($me isop $chan) { msg $chan Hello. I am PupsBot. PuppyStream's own Stream Bot. I am here to welcome everyone to the stream. }
else { msg $chan /me -> " $nick " has joined the chat. Welcome!!! }

But I want the bot to do the Welcome part ONLY if he is opped and with a 2 second delay.
The message of the bot itself joining can stay as it is. But when chatters joins I want a 2 - 3 sec delay before it welcomes.

Or if there might be something else I can do to not have it welcome people who are "joining in" when they are already there but loading up later so it looks to my bot like they are joining. (Twitch chat if you're wondering".

Thanks for any help this newb can get.

Edit: The bot simply welcomes people that are already in the channel when the bot joins in.
Is this a issue or is it a script issue? Since it takes sometimes to load the nicklist when joining the twitch chat.
Can I work around that?

Because it is REALLY easy to get flood/spam :/
Hawkee   -  26 days ago
Here's a little preview of the new Markdown-enabled snippet editor.
[AFX]   -  26 days ago
try QNX at
use mIRC 6.17 for compatibility:

install the above mirc somewhere on your hard drive
extract the qnx-1.3-6.17-32514.7z archive to the same directory you installed mirc
run mirc

help me find bugs?
[AFX]   -  28 days ago
(understand that i havent really done a mirc script since 2005)

didnt realize MDX doesnt %100 work on newer versions of mirc until just now (my treeview sclick events do not trigger at all for example). then again, i should of expected this as mirc was rewritten from the ground up. i am pretty lazy when it comes to switching to DCX so i guess i am stuck using an older version of mirc.

if anyone doesnt mind using 6.16/6.17 i will post a download link to my project. usually i am against including the mirc.exe within the archive but ill make an exception this time. not reshacked in any way!

if no one replies to me ill assume i am in the wrong community
Hawkee   -  29 days ago
So Facebook took PHP, fixed it, and released it as a new language called Hack,
[AFX]   -  29 days ago
anyone with testing experience want to help me find any bugs in my script? it has a built-in updater so i can correct them and have the updates patched over through sockets. serious inquiries only.
Hawkee   -  30 days ago
I've almost completed site-wide support for markdown. We'll still support bbcode, but it will be deprecated. When a thread, comment or snippet is posted using bbcode it will be converted to markdown automatically. We'll be supporting fenced code blocks like GitHub, so it'll be much easier to add code to comments or threads. You'll just need to surround your code with ``` above and below.
Farcrada   -  30 days ago
Anyone that can help we do Sockets in mIRC. I've picked up a script and would like to know what's what and how it works.

Anyone want to help me out?
Hawkee   -  Mar 20, 2014
I've been considering re-envisioning the snippet posting form. Mainly I'd like to add markdown parsing. Rather than present both the code snippet box and the description box I'd like to start with only the description box. You can press the code button or type ``` to inject a code box. That way you can insert code anywhere in your markdown description without needing to reflow your text. Conversely, removing a code box will merge the two text boxes around it. Another thought is to add a "Preview" button which will parse the markdown and show the snippet page as it will be presented upon submission. Finally I'd like to add a button to upload/insert images. I'm still considering how to handle image placement and the markdown tags.
AllDayGrindingV2   -  Mar 20, 2014
So Im Creating a bot On twitch and I have it In one channel With around 20 Commands. Does anyone know Using mIRC How I can run it in different chats with Different commands? I know how to do /join #<Username>
Hawkee   -  Mar 20, 2014
Lessons from a Silicon Valley job search, - If you're looking for a development job this is great info. I'm just glad I've never had to endure this sort of process.
Hawkee   -  Mar 18, 2014
What happens to older developers?
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