LunaMorgan   -  3 days ago
Hello everyone.
I've been around this forum for long, as a reader, but now I really need help scripting a snippet.

I want a script that will kick ban a user that repeats the same message twice in 5 minutes.

I 've tried scripting mine but it doesn't work...

Could you please help me?
My mIRC is 6.16 :)

Thanks a lot.
SunnyD   -  4 days ago
@Hawkee You've got some rogue Navigation bar icons in the mobile layout on an iPhone 5S.
Hawkee   -  6 days ago
I'm working hard to finish up our new Markdown editor. We'll still support BBCode, but everything will be converted to Markdown when edited. It's far more powerful and offers more features including tables, multiple heading sizes, ordered lists, and so on. I'm also adding a new "Preview" button when composing a Snippet so you can see how it'll look before you post it.
TochA1551   -  8 days ago
Need help with one thing (mIRC scripting) :

How can i send ChanServ or NickServ notification to #channel / nickname after eg. User1 will type !opme command ?

Any help ? :)
SpikeNet   -  9 days ago
I want to make a google chrome type of addon, That will add emotes to twitch, Like how better twitch tv has its own emotes and stuff.

How would i do that?
ProIcons   -  9 days ago
@Hawkee it would be cool on your Code Highlighting Engine to add Links of Internal Language's Functions directly to Language's Docs
SpikeNet   -  11 days ago
How would i make a PHP command

Like some pages have ?page=2 then it displays a diff page,

How would i do that.
Hawkee   -  13 days ago
This site needs an upgrade. I think the key is to build a better editor and to further simplify the site. I'm considering changing "Snippets" to "Articles" and employing a WYSIWYG markdown editor. Just need to make the time to do it.
ianbennett8   -  13 days ago
Hawkee   -  14 days ago
Thanks to these very active spam bots I've substantially beefed up our spam deletion mechanism. It just caught and deleted 7,000 spam comments and snippets. This runs regularly throughout the day, so if you see any spam older than 5 minutes please let me know in order to make adjustments.
myst   -  15 days ago
mIRC there a way to make it to where you can see in twitch chat when someone joins or leaves the chat? I made a bot for an account and I am wanting it to show who joins and leaves via the chat. Thanks!
Yawhatnever   -  15 days ago
There appears to be a slight spam problem @Hawkee
SunnyD   -  15 days ago
Looks like the advertising bots are alive and well.
nutty   -  21 days ago
Like to thank you Hawkee for the site and the wonderful people on it and i have met here, Also For the awesome scripts every one has shared.. I have used some of them my self and i have learned a lot of different coding coding.... now i am moving to egg-drop :) then maybe to harder things :P
sKIRc   -  23 days ago
looking an active irc server for mirc. ASAP
AymanZan   -  28 days ago
Hello, I'm trying to bulid small script too POST into php page and grap data from there..

For example..

using mIRC i will send data to this link " (GET not POST)
is it possible to do it using POST not get?
If yes could you please provide small snippet code that i can continue working on?

Thanks alot
zabidin2   -  Aug 20, 2014
I'm looking bot script that can send file mp3 or movie via dcc. Last time i have one and lost it. Can anyone share here? I'm looking forward it.
nutty   -  Aug 20, 2014
Facebook messenger ? Latest News Think twice . please watch important to all
blackvenomm666   -  Aug 19, 2014
Got a new irc going come join me at (6667)
Morfin   -  Aug 18, 2014
Hi, we're not great on scripting (yet) and could use some help. We want channel OPs to have sajoin/sapart functionality without giving them netadmin status. We have a BOT which has netadmin status and thought it would be possible to use this to perform joins & parts for channel OPs. I know the script for OPs would be something like this:-

.Force Join / Part
... #Help { ctcp BOT sajoin $1 #Help }
... #Help { ctcp BOT sapart $1 #Help }

But we have no idea what script is needed on the BOT. We will be grateful for any help you guys can provide.

Many Thanks
afp_romania   -  Aug 17, 2014
Hello! i have created a personal social network using Oxwall Open-source platform
Weldon   -  Aug 16, 2014
Got my cpu fixed!! been away for awhile but back now :)
Live Radio and chat are up if anyone is interested in a small server and some good tunes. :: (Listen to radio here if you like)

You can also access the radio on iTunes. Stream URL
Hawkee   -  Aug 13, 2014
Learned how to do a local strategy with Passport on Nodejs, very cool stuff. Doing Twitter and Facebook strategies are just as easy if not easier. Makes authentication a snap.
Coderdudemcguy1   -  Aug 12, 2014
Does anyone have an easy flood protection script for mIRC? Something that notices people and tells them to stop if they make the bot say a certain amount of lines?
Doggirl3   -  Aug 06, 2014
Is there a weather code for middit chats? That the chat that I'm using for my room in Starchat.
Hawkee   -  Aug 05, 2014
Been using AngularJS on a recent project and I quite like it. The backend is node.js with express. Fun combination of frameworks.
zarstarz   -  Aug 04, 2014
standard/metric converter

I was wondering if someone could point me to a snippet or make one (for mirc...specifically for my mirc bot) that converts standard to metric and vice versa for weight, speed etc. I tried finding one with no luck and my coding abilities are just basic and not up to this type of task. Thanks for any help!
LewisNewson   -  Aug 01, 2014
Hey Guys, I am a DayZ livestreamer and was wondering if someone could help me create a K/D ratio keeper. By this, I mean this:
!kill = It will add 1 to the current amount of kills
!death = It will add 1 death to the current amount of deaths
!kd = Post in chat How many kills and deaths as well as a ratio to 1 decimal place
!kdreset = Resets the K/D

So this would be for mIRC please. The values I would also like to be kept in the same .ini file so when I close and reopen mIRC, the values are the same as they were last time.

Thanks Alot, Lewis
B1uscr34m   -  Jul 23, 2014
Hey awesome coders. I need a script that reads that Webpage ( for the nicks on the end of a line [after the BITCHEZBECRAYCRAY123WAYOVER30CHAR] . and checks if $nick is in that nicks. so i can make donator exclusive commands like !votekick.
illhawkthat   -  Jul 12, 2014
Here is an mIRC snippet I made for World Cup voting:
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