nutty   -   2 hours 4 mins ago
Facebook messenger ? Latest News Think twice . please watch important to all
abramkarl8   -   4 hours 6 mins ago
Watch The Bad Girls Club Season 12 Episode 14 Smell Ya Later! Free Video Online streaming
blackvenomm666   -   7 hours 39 mins ago
Got a new irc going come join me at (6667)
Morfin   -  2 days ago
Hi, we're not great on scripting (yet) and could use some help. We want channel OPs to have sajoin/sapart functionality without giving them netadmin status. We have a BOT which has netadmin status and thought it would be possible to use this to perform joins & parts for channel OPs. I know the script for OPs would be something like this:-

.Force Join / Part
... #Help { ctcp BOT sajoin $1 #Help }
... #Help { ctcp BOT sapart $1 #Help }

But we have no idea what script is needed on the BOT. We will be grateful for any help you guys can provide.

Many Thanks
afp_romania   -  3 days ago
Hello! i have created a personal social network using Oxwall Open-source platform
Weldon   -  3 days ago
Got my cpu fixed!! been away for awhile but back now :)
Live Radio and chat are up if anyone is interested in a small server and some good tunes. :: (Listen to radio here if you like)

You can also access the radio on iTunes. Stream URL
Hawkee   -  7 days ago
Learned how to do a local strategy with Passport on Nodejs, very cool stuff. Doing Twitter and Facebook strategies are just as easy if not easier. Makes authentication a snap.
Coderdudemcguy1   -  7 days ago
Does anyone have an easy flood protection script for mIRC? Something that notices people and tells them to stop if they make the bot say a certain amount of lines?
Doggirl3   -  14 days ago
Is there a weather code for middit chats? That the chat that I'm using for my room in Starchat.
Hawkee   -  14 days ago
Been using AngularJS on a recent project and I quite like it. The backend is node.js with express. Fun combination of frameworks.
zarstarz   -  16 days ago
standard/metric converter

I was wondering if someone could point me to a snippet or make one (for mirc...specifically for my mirc bot) that converts standard to metric and vice versa for weight, speed etc. I tried finding one with no luck and my coding abilities are just basic and not up to this type of task. Thanks for any help!
LewisNewson   -  19 days ago
Hey Guys, I am a DayZ livestreamer and was wondering if someone could help me create a K/D ratio keeper. By this, I mean this:
!kill = It will add 1 to the current amount of kills
!death = It will add 1 death to the current amount of deaths
!kd = Post in chat How many kills and deaths as well as a ratio to 1 decimal place
!kdreset = Resets the K/D

So this would be for mIRC please. The values I would also like to be kept in the same .ini file so when I close and reopen mIRC, the values are the same as they were last time.

Thanks Alot, Lewis
B1uscr34m   -  28 days ago
Hey awesome coders. I need a script that reads that Webpage ( for the nicks on the end of a line [after the BITCHEZBECRAYCRAY123WAYOVER30CHAR] . and checks if $nick is in that nicks. so i can make donator exclusive commands like !votekick.
illhawkthat   -  Jul 12, 2014
Here is an mIRC snippet I made for World Cup voting:
BambiFocus   -  Jul 10, 2014
IRC Bot Help With ranking system/Points system and more features

Hey there! I recently tried to create my own twitch bot. What I've got so far is a points system. You can check your points with !points. Mods can you !points add|remove <user> [Number] depending if you want to grant or remove points. For every 5 minutes you stay in the chat you earn 1 point. Now I need help by someone that knows how to code a bot. I need to create a rank system were if you have for example 1-19 points you are rank private etc. If you could help me please send me a message on my stream: bambiifocus or send a msg here or comment :) I would be really grateful if you can help me and maybe help me implement more features if you have the time! :) -Marcus
Xaphos   -  Jul 04, 2014
Does anyone come here anymore? Lol
TheWhistler   -  Jun 29, 2014
i'M LOOKING FOR A GOOD WEATHER.TCL that will work. Most i have install do not work, if anybody could make 1 . i sure would appricate it
Nathanael   -  Jun 24, 2014
I barely understand coding but I really want to make an uptime command for Twitch. Can someone please help me?
Tee   -  Jun 20, 2014

I've started my bot in MSL one month ago... Now i try to have a snippet " !resync " for my chan ( op / v all users who are in users.ini (OP user or V user ) but i don't know how to create this script because they can have a lot of nick...
I really need your help *-*

Thanks in advance
toclafane1   -  Jun 14, 2014
I'm not sure if it's just me, or if it happens for anyone else too... But recently, I've only been able to log-in with Facebook via Internet Explorer and I would prefer if this could be done in Firefox at all?
afp_romania   -  Jun 14, 2014
Hawkee does not show Search results from input text :)
Cheiron   -  Jun 14, 2014
Looking for a mirc script please for the older mirc v6.35

I am looking for a script that will allow helpops and higher to leave a memo for each other..
I know there is memoserv ... but we are after one that is mirc driven but only for said ranks to be able to leave a message for each other if they are offline.
The script holder will be be either a HelpOp or have an oline of some description.
I need the script to be able to encrypt the message so that the user hosting the script cannot see the messages being sent.. only the user that sends it and the user that receives it. When the helpop/oper comes online to a named channel .. the script is to pm them to let them know they have a memo
Commands to be

!HelpMemo Send, !HelpMemo Read, !HelpMemo Del

Many thanks
anu2468   -  Jun 05, 2014
Hi Team ,

I am new to TCL scripting . could you please tell me what is the mistake i have done in the below prog. I am trying to write program for base power such as 2 power 2 or 3 power 5 etc.

proc Factorial {x y} {
set i 1;
while {$i <= $x} {
set x [expr $x * $i]
incr i
return $x
puts " [Factorial 2 2]"

The output shows blank . Please assist me here.
Buggsy   -  Jun 04, 2014
Can anyone help me by showing me how to make a random play for a .mrc popup script I made? That way I wouldn't have to keep scrolling through all of the numerous popups and select one every time. Thanks in advance.
afp_romania   -  May 26, 2014
Hello again!
Since i was idle for a period, i decided to show you my second version for my chat app. VIBE IM is now more cool than ever, with some cool features.

This app is working with MySQL and only on Windows8.

Whats New?
- avatar
- emoticons
- sounds
- messenger list
- sms
And still working on it. My app will become avaible for download when will be finished and you will can integrate this chat app in any website that has a db.

For a demo, check out my youtube video:
g3mini   -  May 24, 2014
is there any way to put in a wildcard into $readini's section?
Hawkee   -  May 19, 2014
Pretty neat smoky background generator written in JavaScript using an HTML5 canvas,
PackardBell   -  May 18, 2014
IceCast listener info & stuff

Hey guys, i've setup my IceCast server :
but i want to be able to get the Current Listeners count to IRC. like with !listeners
I suck at sockets... So if anyone could help me out a little...

Being able to grab the " Current Listeners: X " and " Current song: Y "

If anyone could help me with this, i would be very gratefull!
cptpan   -  May 06, 2014
We've just created a text-based gangsters/mafia/dope wars game that ACTUALLY WORKS.

You can join in and check it out at

Come along and join the fun!
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