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trustedessay   -  3 days ago

I really like this script and it has been very useful for my bot that I use on Twitch. However, I seem to be having an issue. The problem is that about 1% of the time, the name returned will either be blank or it will be the name of someone who previously had their name retrieved from the JSON. I use this code for getting the proper display name from Twitch, as IRC has everybody's name in lower case and this script is the only way that I know of of how to get the proper case sensitive display name. Is there something that I could change to get it to work 100% of the time, or is this just a Twitch issue, or something else? I use $twitch_name(name_to_retrieve) to get the proper name. Thanks.

bobovski   -  3 days ago

Need Help , i will pay if someone wrote me this tcl because i cant . :)
Features: support ip, host, resolve , CIDR

  • blacklist file
    example: set blacklist(file) "scripts/blacklist.txt"
  • special flag
    example: only user with flag +B can use commands addban, remban and banlist ( this flag can be settable only from perm owner )
  1. Procedures:

    • addban
      example: partyline command .addban !@ reason time
      example CIDR: partyline command: addban !@ reason time
    • remban
      example: partyline command .remban !@
    • banlist
      example: partyline command: .banlist ( show the current list with all bans )
      if is possible to order bans a-z after adding or removing some ban ( but if that load the bot better not )
  2. bantype:

    • IP: all users join from host/ip will be ban with mask !@ or !@some.host.com ( example: use set ipban [maskhost $host 2] )
    • HEX: all users join from type: !@.html.chat, !@.xs4all.nl, !@.kiwiirc.com or !@.mibbit.com will be ban with the banmask !ident@*.html.chat ( example: use set hexban [maskhost $host 3] )
  3. exempt:

    • by default eggdrop don't check other eggdrops/bots
    • flag I gives user exempt and he wouldn't be checked
  4. Putidx

    • addban example: putidx $idx "SYNTAX: \003.addban \002nick>\002!\002\002@\002\002 [reason] [bantime]\003"
    • addban check for existing ban: putidx $idx "[string map {! \002!\002 @ \002@\002} \002$blnick\002] has been \002added\002 to the blacklist."
    • remban example: putidx $idx "SYNTAX: \003.remban \002nick>\002!\002\002@\002\002\003"
    • remban message: putidx $idx "[string map {! \002!\002 @ \002@\002} \002$blnick\002] was \002deleted\002 from the blacklist."
    • remban check: putidx $idx "[string map {! \002!\002 @ \002@\002} \002$blnick\002] was \002not\002 found in the blacklist."
    • banlist example: putidx $idx "SYNTAX: \003.Showing the banlist!\003" , putidx $idx "SYNTAX: \003.End of the banlist!\003"
    • ban is added: putidx $idx "[string map {! \002!\002 @ \002@\002} \002$blnick\002] has been \002added\002 to the blacklist.
    • ban already exist: putidx $idx "[string map {! \002!\002 @ \002@\002} \002$blnick\002] already \002exists\002 in the blacklist."
    • Empty banlist: putidx $idx "There are \002no\002 bans in the blacklist."
  5. Handle
    • Showing handle of user set the ban ( if is possible to show and date like )
    • example reason: (Violation of the rules section 2 of regulation! 13/04/2014 Kiril@Valhalla)

if user join with host eggdrop resolve host to ip and check in database ( blacklist ).
if blacklist file does not exist than create one!
Check if IP is already added in blacklist!


  • Time: .addban !@ [censored] ya 60 ( that means ban is for 60 min )
  • Time: .addban !@ [censored] ya 0 ( that means ban is permanent )

user join for example from host [05:20:36] * ShakeIT46982 (d4059ee1@elitsat.html.chat) has joined #gyuvetch
TO DO Procedures:

  1. Convert HEX to IP ( d4059ee1 -> )
  2. Convert HOST to IP ( Resolve ) if is need it like linux.com -> ( for users join via IRC client not webchat )
  3. Compare IP with banlist using matchcidr or whatever is need it!
  4. Set Channel ban depends from that is it from !@*.html.chat or it is host/ip see 2. bantype

HELP materials:

  • hex2ip Procedure:

proc bl:h2d {hex} {

Simple check to validate proper hex string

if {[regexp {^[a-fA-F0-9]{8}$} $hex]} {
set dec [expr 0x$hex]
set o1 [expr {($dec >> 24) & 0xff}]
set o2 [expr {($dec >> 16) & 0xff}]
set o3 [expr {($dec >> Cool & 0xff}]
set o4 [expr {$dec & 0xff}]

return "$o1.$o2.$o3.$o4"
return 0

  • Checking for perm owner

proc ispermowner {hand} {
global owner
regsub -all -- , [string tolower $owner] "" owners
if {([matchattr $hand n]) && \
([lsearch -exact $owners [string tolower $hand]] != -1)} then {
return 1
return 0

Garnelaf   -  11 days ago

Can anyone think of a way to calculate the similarity between two strings with Mirc Scripting Language? Not just "is it a match" but % similarity?

Joshymanman   -  12 days ago

Hey guys. I need a script for a point system. For Twitch, that every minute he get a point (point name maybe coin or sth. else) and that i can add coins and remove them at the end of the month. If u can do this it would be nice :)

Hawkee   -  13 days ago

I know this has been a long time coming, but I finally finished implementing the new statistics system. You can now see the pageviews from both the page listing and the pages themselves. When you click the icon you'll get a dialog bar chart outlining the pageviews for the past two months.

sKIRc   -  19 days ago

Haven't been here in a while...

illhawkthat   -  23 days ago

@Hawkee, hope you're doing well! Looks like stats for pages have been down for a month or so and I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  26 days ago

mIRC Light Script v1
I added awesome button + Blue background
Note that this script does not contain any snippets

Download Link : https://goo.gl/4FF3fA

ZeusIRC   -  27 days ago

Hey! I need help with a mIRC script that i'm trying to make... there are some places where i don't know what to use..
i'm trying to make a " Multi Server Channel Msg Transfer " ... The idea is to transfer the msg's that typed by the user in irc.ExampleServer1.net, #Channel1 To irc.ExampleServer2.net,#Channel1 | So In Both Of The Server,Channels My Bot Will Be There! So If 'Nick1' Typed 'Hello ! How are you today' in irc.ExampleServer1.net,#Channel1 then my bot will copy that msg and paste it in irc.ExampleServer2.net,#Channel1 ! Which kinda looks like this ==========>>>
" |ExampleServer1| [(rank/access)Nick1] Hello ! How are you today " | So I Want Help With The Part Where My Bot Transfer Msg From One Server To ANother And The Rank/Access Display (e.g Op-@/Owner-~) Part ... Please Somebody Help Me With This Thing

Please Comment Below Or Just Join irc.UnovaRPGNet.net ,#Space | My IRC Nick In That Server Is: Zeus (I Will Be 24/7 Online There) If I Don't Respond Back Then Please Memo Me The Your Irc server and channel where you will be online

Thank You :)

i0   -  Oct 21, 2015

What if?

RustyNikz   -  Sep 24, 2015

Need help with Twitch Giveaway Giveaway Command!

WOWDateUK   -  Sep 19, 2015

Have any of you every tried online dating before?

ProIcons   -  Sep 10, 2015

I Was searching for a Solution in order to Design a C# .NET Desktop Application with the features HTML JavaScript and CSS gives you. I was thinking the only way to do that was to Embedd Internet Control from Internet Explorer but i was wrong.

I discovered CEF(Sharp). Chromium Embedded Framework. With this Framework you are able to Manipulate every aspect of Chromium Browser and make a Fine desktop application with many custom controls, custom styling, transitions, animations and even webgl. That's awesome. You can also interact with Javascript functions, and javascript functions interact with you back. I mean a C# function call and get data from a Javascript Function and vice versa.

Is anyone familiar with CEF?

^WeSt   -  Sep 10, 2015

RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services updated to 7.4 version!!

ProIcons   -  Sep 08, 2015

Lately i thought of buying a Raspberry Pi to expirement and be able to create some sort of devices. At first im thinking to buy a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Board, with a Camera and Some Motors. Has anyone tried raspberry ?

Jordy19   -  Sep 06, 2015

A page report button would be nice!

Hawkee   -  Sep 03, 2015

Howdy folks! I know it's been a little while since I've updated here, but I feel I need to let this layout settle for a while before making any radical changes again. I have been working on the core engine and have some nice features to bring over to Hawkee in the near future. I started a new site using the Hawkee engine called RotorBuilds which has had me fine tuning some core functions of the software. It still looks a great deal like Hawkee, but I'm not focusing on design so much as functionality. Have a look and let me know what you think!

latestdatabase5   -  Sep 02, 2015

Email List For Sale latestdatabase.com

SReject   -  Aug 28, 2015

@Hawkee I believe you've broken your page-view analytics. When I go to view my "statistics" page, all pages since (june, maybe july) register as 0 views even though I know they have been visited by unique addresses.

[Plornt]   -  Aug 20, 2015

Had a fun work day of working out if Elasticsearch was better than Solr and how to implement a socket.io based geographical map clustering predictive text search. They're both great but the style of querying the data is a headache to work out. Anyone done anything like this before?

donaldselby   -  Aug 18, 2015

Many of you may take more than an hour to complete you essay writing task this is because you don’t have idea that how to start your essay and what and all points you should add in your essay

[Plornt]   -  Aug 14, 2015

Just finished up my version of the Machi Koro board game in mIRC. Has its own eventing system and everything making it easy to expand!

Has a lot of spam though so required IRCop access. Pretty fun when you get the hang of how it all works.

XiSZ   -  Aug 11, 2015

Can someone help me out to get Viewerlist and Welcoming commands for Twitch ? It seems like i can't get the viewerlist so the simple onjoin commands does not work since they chaged it after E3. Also the cap command does not work for me.?

carlos30   -  Aug 07, 2015

I need this code when ctcp nick version is wait a few seconds to process the information on : ctcpreply: VERSION : no response ctcp nick version send an error message

Ravenna   -  Jul 18, 2015

Working on a bot script to lookup a username on join and see if it's be regiester with a title for the channel I run. Like if my name is Ravenna. I want the bot to check if I've registered the title Mistress with the username Ravenna.

I'm extremely stuck on how to go about this, researching things haven't brought me closer to a solution

so far all I've figured out I want is

on *:JOIN:#channel {
.msg $chan $nick take time to register with me; a pm will be sent to you soon

huge-inch   -  Jun 30, 2015

Hey guys,
I was bored, so I thought I share on of my commands to this community. It's called fchat (fake chat), and for all sa-mp players a good source to troll someone.

Syntax: !fchat [Player 1] [Player 2] [Player 3]

Have fun trolling some sa-mp players on echo channels :)

on *:TEXT:!fchat *:#:{
  msg $chan 14[5] $2: Hey $3 , whats up?
  timer 1 5 msg $chan 14[8] $3: hiiii bro, sup?
  timer 1 10 msg $chan 14[5] $2: Well, im so fucken gr8, but I dont like you anymore.
  timer 1 16 msg $chan 14[8] $3: Oh, just because you couldnt handle the gay sex? Or the other thing?
  timer 1 20 msg $chan 14[5] $2: the other thing...
  timer 1 30 msg $chan 14[8] $3: Ok, you know what bro, I will tell my momma to beat you up, you lil bish HAHAHA
  timer 1 34 msg $chan 14[5] $2: Alright..... cry baby
  timer 1 37 msg $chan 14*** 3 $4 14has joined the server from Russia ***
  timer 1 41 13[Login]:14 $4 is now logged in!
  timer 1 45 msg $chan 14[5] $2: Hey $4, guess which fker couldn't hold his hands back
  timer 1 48 msg $chan 14[5] $2: see what he did lmao?
  timer 1 49 msg $chan 14[10] $4: OMG, are you both really 2 dumb to not touch eachotherr?
  timer 1 51 msg $chan 14[10] $4: eachother*
  timer 1 56 msg $chan 14[8] $3: well, $2 couldn't accept me as gay, thats the problem :/
  timer 1 60 msg $chan 14[8] $3: and then he touched my anus, what i don't really like ;(
  timer 1 66 msg $chan 14[5] $2: HE IS LYING, i mean
  timer 1 70 msg $chan 14[5] $2: Im gay, yea, but
  timer 1 75 msg $chan 14[5] $2: I would have never done it on my best friend!
  timer 1 82 msg $chan 14[10] $4: Firstly, he didnt touch you, cuz ehm
  timer 1 87 msg $chan 14[10] $4: I touched $3. Was hot sex bra
  timer 1 94 msg $chan 14[8] $3: WHAAAT? MEANS I HAVE AIDS OF YOU?
  timer 1 99 msg $chan 14[10] $4: ehm yes, and $2 is gonna be the next one
  timer 1 103 msg $chan 14[5] $2: NNNOOOOO, dont touch me
  timer 1 104 msg $chan 14[10] $4: *molest face*
  timer 1 112 msg $chan 14[10] $4: Ohh yes sugar, give it to me!!!!!!!
  timer 1 113 msg $chan 14***5 $2 14has left the server 5(Leaving) 14***
  timer 1 113 msg $chan 14***5 $3 14has left the server 5(Leaving) 14***
  timer 1 113 msg $chan 14***5 $2 14has left the server 5(Leaving) 14***

on *:TEXT:!fchat:#:{
  msg $chan Syntax: ;fchat [Player 1] [Player 2] [Player 3]
  msg $chan By typing this command, you confirm that you are 16+ years old. User has been warned!
xxcopmanxx   -  Jun 28, 2015

i need help with adding !skip to my autohosting scrip
here is my script

here is the script

ON :TEXT:!autohost:#:{
if (!$istok(%owners,$nick,32)) { .msg $chan ( $+ $nick $+ ): Error, You have NOT access for this command! | return }
if ($2 == on) {
if ($timer(.hostON)) { .msg $chan ( $+ $nick $+ ): Error, The AUTOHOST is already enabled! | return }
var %f = nowhosting.txt
if (!$isfile(%f)) { .msg $chan ( $+ $nick $+ ): Error, The $qt(%f) file does NOT provide any nickname(s) for hosting! | return }
if (!$lines(%f)) { .msg $chan ( $+ $nick $+ ): Error, The $qt(%f) file does NOT provide any nickname(s) in the list for hosting! | return }
msg # /me Auto Hosting is now enabled.
searchhost $chan
.timer.hostON 0 1800 searchhost $chan
elseif ($2 == off) {
if (!$timer(.hostON)) { .msg $chan ( $+ $nick $+ ): Error, The AUTOHOST is already disabled! | return }
msg # /me Auto Hosting is now disabled.
.timer.hostON off
msg # /unhost

alias searchhost {
if (!$1) { return }
if ($me !ison $1) { return }
var %f = nowhosting.txt
if (!$isfile(%f)) { return }
if (!$lines(%f)) { return }
var %r = $read(NowHosting.txt,n)
msg $1 /me Now hosting $qt(%r)
msg $1 /host %r


raccoon   -  Jun 28, 2015

@Hawkee: New social media commenting standard suggests that clicking a comment's post time, eg "3 minutes ago", takes you to the post's permalink. In case you're interested in doing that. :)

wobbleidz   -  Jun 22, 2015

Hello, I see a script that would grab the the newest forum posts on mirc forum website and msg them to a channel, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a script that would do the same but for php-fusion website?

afp_romania   -  Jun 22, 2015

Well.... i can't use this site anymore. I have a big headache because i cant find a lot of thing. First of all, i want to find VB category and guess what... i cant. I navigate in menu but nothing. I try to navigate to the end of the website scrooling down and infinite posts... wtf.... :| :| :|
Please, it is very ridiculous, because when i log out, the category is in the main page, but afterlogin is gone.

I cant post nothing on this website.

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