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DemonWolf   -  5 days ago

I want a Game and title change , Bank Hesit that uses points. and a current song command that can use a text file to tell song , Auto Host, FOllow welcome twicth api ,Sub Welcome twitch api , Timer commands, how to change point systeam number like i want 5 points for eveyr 5 mins , uptime counter using twitch API aslo a join and leave for the bot channel only all FOR MIRC

Buggsy   -  7 days ago

Help needed. I created a popup file (both .mrc and .txt files) a little while back that has several popups in it. I was wondering if there is any way to set up a random command to play a random file each time the command is given? If there is a way, could someone please let me know how to set one so that I can add it to my file to save time from having to scroll through the list and choosing a file to play each and every time. Many thanks in advance

Hawkee   -  8 days ago

Sketchy Avatars with CSS clip-path, http://css-tricks.com/sketchy-avatars-css-clip-path/ - I wonder how this would look on Hawkee with our new circular avatars.

Hawkee   -  9 days ago

While the contact form isn't the most exciting page, it does illustrate most of the new elements I've been working on. I just completed the footer and added a CSS bouncy effect to the social links.

afp_romania   -  11 days ago

What's your opinion about new skype update? totaly FAIL! Too much white... interface like mobile... damn!! i cant use skype anymore. There is somuch trouble with it. :( I cant usetrillian cuz the skypekit is disabled.... wtf is wrong with those guys?//

I need an app that can use skype.

Desert   -  11 days ago

Hello , I would like to know how to make gline statistics , kills , and channels acepted and refused , I am a network oper

for example : !stats nick bot say --> gline 20 , hblocks 30 , channels accepted 30 , channels refused 20

Dillie-O   -  11 days ago

Suggestion for threads / header context: When I click on the "Explore/Threads" link, I can see the threads, but there is a "Create Page" button at the top right of the header. What about changing that to "Create Thread?" That way the context of the header follows your navigation. I didn't know to go to my profile page to start a new thread. I realize I'm still new to the site and getting used to it, so I don't want to break the natural flow if it is already there.

Dillie-O   -  11 days ago

Suggestion for page editor: How hard would it be to have a hotkey or button on the side that brings up the Markdown shortcuts. I really like MD but I'm still trying to remember them all 8^D

Hawkee   -  12 days ago
Desert   -  16 days ago

Hello , I would like to know how to make gline statistics , kills , and channels acepted and refused , I am a network oper

for example : !stats nick bot say --> gline 20 , hblocks 30 , channels accepted 30 , channels refused 20

Truk   -  16 days ago

I have a hash table with items and descriptions in the table. when a person joins my channel/chat my script echo's to me information from the hash table. However if the table does not have a matching item my script still fires an echo line but the line does not contain any information because there is not a matching item in the hash table.

My line of script is below. I have this line within an if statement also. In an attempt to stop the script on no matching items I tried an if line like if ($gettok($hget(nicktrack,%ip),1,32) == $null) { halt } in the if loop which my statement below is in but this did not stop it from firing.

/echo -t $chan 11 New Join by: $gettok($hget(nicktrack,%ip),1,32) as $nick

Any Ideas? Thanks for your help if you can!!

Hawkee   -  17 days ago

Mega-Site Navigation - A responsive and easy to customize navigation for mega-sites, enriched by subtle CSS animations and support for devices with javascript disabled, http://codyhouse.co/gem/css-mega-site-navigation/

Hawkee   -  19 days ago

I've been experimenting with off-canvas menus. I'll have two on the mobile version, but I'd like to use this one for the desktop version. I kinda like the way it adds dimension to the site. You can't see it in the images, but it pushes the site to the side as it slides in.

Desert   -  20 days ago

hi all would want to know where I can find a bot that measures uptime of a @ and also their kicks and bans

for example: !info nick

bot say--> nick 40kicks ,40bans , time active with @ 12 hours etc

I am looking for a bot that calculates the time a moderator is active in a room and bans and kicks he gets.

Hawkee   -  21 days ago

Walkway.js - An easy way to animate SVG images consisting of line and path elements.

Hawkee   -  21 days ago

A fullstack Mongodb, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js rapid application development framework, http://mean.io

Anakas   -  21 days ago

[mIRC] Twitch stream title changer?

Does anyone have a mirc script for changing the stream title on Twitch? (Similar to Nightbot)

Hawkee   -  22 days ago

@Dillie-O Welcome to the site! Was the registration process smooth?

ProIcons   -  26 days ago

@Hawkee How can i add a New Line exactly under the previous, and not with one empty line space? I mean i never liked this markdown thing, but at least it supposed to have some basic features...

Hawkee   -  26 days ago

I've been playing with the colors a doing some fine tuning. I realize some have said they prefer the dark header, but I feel like the lighter scheme is somewhat growing on me. I may experiment with the existing colors, the new logo and the new font to see how it looks.

BlueThen   -  27 days ago

Maintaining DRY HTML

Question to web developers out there. How do you maintain DRY HTML? DRY, as in, "Don't Repeat Yourself".

For example, if you have a navigation bar to be shared across every page, what do you do to avoid having to copy-paste this code 10-20 times?

Among the solutions, I found JQuery/JS, PHP, Server-sided includes, iframes, object element, and Python.


Is client-sided, so it relies on the client having JS enabled.


PHP has a handy include function which lets us compartmentalize web components.

Server-sided Includes

This is apparently the HTML equivalent to PHP's include. It requires setting certain flags in Apache, and marking HTML files for parsing in HTML. I think this might be slower than PHP, because I read somewhere that it involves the server re-parsing and updating HTML files every single time they're being delivered.


This is useful for sandboxing HTML, but not so useful when you want JS and CSS to work cleanly across the entire page.


I couldn't find as much information about using object to embed HTML. This might have the same issue as iframe?


Really one could use any scripting language. Basically place special tags in your HTML file, like $$$header$$$, and then perform a find-replace in Python with the appropriate HTML whenever you wish to deploy or run the HTML file.

I had a dream about HTML last night, so this is really bothering me. What do you all think?

BlueThen   -  27 days ago


Can you add a dialog to "confirm navigation away from page" on the Create Page page? I just spent half an hour writing a page and accidentally backspaced out of the page when the text box wasn't in focus. Now all of the content is lost!

SReject   -  28 days ago

Points, how do they work? It used to be likes, and I had less than 100... Now its points, and im so confused.

curls up in corner and cries

Hawkee   -  28 days ago

I'm experimenting with a lighter color scheme and a new logo. This is in no way a final product, but I thought I'd share a couple WIP screenshots. Any thoughts?

Hawkee   -  29 days ago

I've just deployed the new Developers page. This works as somewhat of a leaderboard showing users who have the most points over the past 6 months. There are also options to see the all time top developers and the top developers over the past month. This also includes updated follower pages and an updated People you Know page. Have a look and let me know if you've got any feedback.

Hawkee   -  29 days ago

I'm considering dropping the dark colors and going with a white/light gray color scheme here. What are your thoughts?

Hawkee   -  Oct 22, 2014

Working on a new developers section. The default sort will focus on the top ranking developers over the past 6 months.

Hawkee   -  Oct 22, 2014

scrollReveal.js - Easily reveal elements as they enter the viewport, http://scrollrevealjs.org

Hawkee   -  Oct 22, 2014

Just found this very handy "Hackathon Starter" package to quickly build a node.js web app, https://github.com/sahat/hackathon-starter

DeeperStill   -  Oct 21, 2014

Seeking advise on embeddable web chat clients that connect to irc networks.

Currently I am using a lightirc embedded chat box on my webpage.
When I do speed tests upon my page using gtmetrix, I often get warnings about using FLASH. or advise to delay the loading of flash or java scripts. I've looked into other embeddable webpage chats ( to irc), like kiwiirc but always, these embeddable chat boxes cause slow speeds on my page. of course java scripts and flash applications will slow down a page.

Does anyone here know how to code in html5; a embeddable webpage portal chat client to irc without using flash?

I know that the Firefox new updated browser does not support flash. This means that every person who updates to the new firefox browser cannot open the chat box on my webpage. I also suspect that over time, flash will be phased out. Google is already down-ranking sites with flash.

Any advise would be helpful.

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