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hempwolf8   -   1 hour 6 mins ago

Travelling anywhere new is amazing, but it may be stress filled, as well. Thankfully, there are some basics it is possible to comply with to make sure an effortless vacation. Beneath you will find some solid tips on how to ensure your up coming getaway moves according to program.

Hawkee   -  3 days ago

I updated the homepage to include a live demo of the page editor. I'm hoping this will better represent the capabilities of the site and invite people to join.

Hawkee   -  4 days ago

Angular Chart - Reactive, responsive, charts for AngularJS based on Chart.js, http://jtblin.github.io/angular-chart.js/

Hawkee   -  4 days ago

Just about to upgrade to Yosemite. Anybody upgraded yet?

Hawkee   -  4 days ago

@sean I like the new avatar. I think it was about time for a change.

Hawkee   -  5 days ago

As you may have noticed I've just pushed out some design changes. The activity streams now have a more updated look, and I've streamlined many of the animations. There are no longer separate options to post images and start threads. I've consolidated the two into this single "Start Thread" area. As always, let me know if you find any problems!

Hawkee   -  6 days ago

The next phase of my gamification project will be to add a "Developers" page. The primary purpose will be to help companies find developers based on their achievements. The sort order will primarily be based on points, but users with fresher points will be given precedence.

sean   -  6 days ago

@Hawkee Looks some of the bbcode isn't being translated into markdown. I noticed Color and Url.

Hawkee   -  8 days ago

I've just implemented the first part to our new gamification system. You earn points by getting likes. A "like" to a page earns you 20 points, 5 points for new threads and 2 points for comments. You can see your new point tally reflected on your profile page and site header.

Hawkee   -  8 days ago

An open source tool to generate a complete backend from a MySql database, http://crud-admin-generator.com

ScanneD   -  8 days ago

Anyone made a script that read the text/line) from a file and display on a channel with time interval ? or maybe an idea

example: i have ips.txt file and i want to read each ip from the file to check the location of each ip every 20 seconds ( i have an ip checker bot on the channel)

/msg # !ip readIP(every 20 seconds) and after reading it the ip will be removed from the list

Thank you

SpikeNet   -  9 days ago

I have a !addcom command and things, But some bots have like a -ul=mod type of thing, So they can do like !addcom -ul=mod This is a mod only command, And only mods could use that, Then there would also be -ul=user which can be used by users. How would i do that?

SpikeNet   -  11 days ago

I really want to find out how to add custom emotes to twitch with JS, I have looked for a while for a way, I just can't find a way :/

Hawkee   -  14 days ago

Sweet Alert, a beautiful replacement for javascript's "alert" - http://tristanedwards.me/sweetalert

afp_romania   -  14 days ago

You probabbly know that i created my messenge app in VB .NET, called VibeIM using MySQL. Today i want to show you v2. It is just for preview only :)

BlueThen   -  15 days ago

@Hawkee I'm not sure what your views are on this, but do you think Hawkee.com could display full names rather than aliases (perhaps, as an option)? I can see Hawkee.com becoming another website people refer to on their resumes, portfolios, etc.

It's always a little awkward explaining to people (esp. potential employers) that BlueThen was an alias I chose during my gamer days when I was 9 or 10.

Another thought along this line is unique URLs for users. For example, Hawkee.com/JohnCarmack vs Hawkee.com/profile/941249

Hawkee   -  18 days ago

I'm experimenting with circular avatars. I think it looks a tad more modern, so I might keep it.

Hawkee   -  18 days ago

We just pushed out a major site upgrade. Here is the changelog:

  • Markdown support!
    • Can be used on threads, comments and snippet pages
    • Code can be fenced by ``` above and below.
    • Automatically converts older BBCode to Markdown
  • New Page editor for snippets
    • Live previews
    • Raw Markdown editor
    • Full page editor
    • New control panel
  • New Page layout for snippet pages and profile pages
    • Larger, more clear page headings
    • Code boxes have a new, lighter theme
  • Refreshed look on the Activity Stream
    • Snippet excerpts now included
    • Multiple languages listed when applicable

For information about how to use Markdown, refer to our guide: Hawkee Flavored Markdown

Hawkee   -  20 days ago

I'm working on a slight design refresh to the profile pages and activity streams. Snippets will now include some descriptive text and multiple languages will be listed when there are multiple code snippet boxes.

afp_romania   -  21 days ago

I want to make a little script, but i dont know how. i know that is about time format, but i didnt finded anything with that.

I need a script that can do this: On 1:join:#: { if (time < 12am) { msg $chan $nick morning $nick $+ ! } elseif (time > 12) && (timer < 18 pm) { etc } elseif (time > 18pm) { etc } }

Hawkee   -  22 days ago

I'm considering removing the platform selection from the snippet page editor. Rather than ask for a platform I think it makes more sense to include this information in the page title. Then rather than filter by the platform on the activity stream we can filter by the various languages presented on the snippet pages themselves. This will allow for multiple languages being associated with a single page.

Hawkee   -  22 days ago

I did a lot of work on the page editor yesterday. My focus has been to improve the UX to make it more enjoyable to write articles and post code. It relies heavily on jQuery in every aspect. I've also removed the form that slides down here on the Activity Stream. When you choose to create a page you'll be taken to the new page where you can edit and preview before posting. I've also removed the textarea borders to offer more of a sense of writing directly to the page rather than to a form.

BlueThen   -  22 days ago

Some screenshots from a series of music visualizers I wrote for our dorm parties.

Hawkee   -  24 days ago

Here's a look at the new snippet pages. I'm still considering what to call these pages since "snippet" doesn't necessarily capture the true intent. We're moving more toward "articles", but I don't necessarily like that word. I'm open to suggestions. What if we call them Readme's or Commentaries?

Hawkee   -  27 days ago

Working on a slight redesign and a total rework of the snippet editor. Here's a little sneak peek at what I'm working on.

Iyouboushi   -  28 days ago

[mIRC scripting question] Is there a way to copy an INI section from one ini file to another ini file and keep it the same except for the name? For example:

in default.ini

[noname] setting1=blahblahblah setting2=blahblahblah

I want to copy [noname] from default.ini to someother.ini but change the [noname] to something else, but keep everything else inside it the same.

I know I could have the script go through and set a variable for each setting and then write the section using those but the sections I plan on copying are going to be much longer than just two or three lines. Plus if I change or add something in those sections I'd have to go edit the code again, whereas if there's a way to just copy the section it will just be that one non-changing code.

Hope that makes sense.

LunaMorgan   -  Sep 18, 2014

Hello everyone. I've been around this forum for long, as a reader, but now I really need help scripting a snippet.

I want a script that will kick ban a user that repeats the same message twice in 5 minutes.

I 've tried scripting mine but it doesn't work...

Could you please help me? My mIRC is 6.16 :)

Thanks a lot.

SunnyD   -  Sep 17, 2014

@Hawkee You've got some rogue Navigation bar icons in the mobile layout on an iPhone 5S.

Hawkee   -  Sep 15, 2014

I'm working hard to finish up our new Markdown editor. We'll still support BBCode, but everything will be converted to Markdown when edited. It's far more powerful and offers more features including tables, multiple heading sizes, ordered lists, and so on. I'm also adding a new "Preview" button when composing a Snippet so you can see how it'll look before you post it.

TochA1551   -  Sep 13, 2014

Need help with one thing (mIRC scripting) :

How can i send ChanServ or NickServ notification to #channel / nickname after eg. User1 will type !opme command ?

Any help ? :)

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