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Sashka   -  1 day ago

mIRC Korona Script 14.3 (Build: 399)

Once, with the passing years, I made my own script, I decided to make it public, completely free for all! Scripting to me represents a hobby, which allows me to waste time in it when I have free time.

This Script is designed for all Networks, but is based on Undernet network! If you purpose to use for other networks, you can change it in Script using "Select server" dialog. By default, is set up to use this script for Other Networks. If your network has the same tipology as Undernet (i mean has X bot etc.), like Europeirc or Nationchat network, you can set it to Undernet.

This Script is made in 3 languages: English, Romanian and Russian. By default, is set up to English. To change the language, type: /language

For those who have installed already 14.2 version, can download only the update (from Download section). When you update the Script to 14.3 settings, logs, personal files will remain exactly as are.

To download the script, visit:
To view screenshots, visit:
We can discuss through:
You can contact me:
My website dedicated to this Script is:

I'll appreciate every reply, opinion and i'll answer to any question as soon as possible.

shawnfelder   -  10 days ago

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shawnfelder   -  10 days ago

Review of Corporate Services Offered - Leach Wallace Associates Inc.

noorveerdesign   -  15 days ago

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Mi9   -  16 days ago


How can i convert this number 1473874494 in  XX hrs XX mins XX secs ?

in mLS
c0z   -  30 days ago

This is an User List using an .ini file. It add it perfectly but on join doesn't want to read it. can anyone help me finish it and make the on join read it?

menu nicklist {

..&Add User
...Add &global.o {
var %e = 1, %tag = $?="What msg do you want to give them?"
while ( %e <= $numtok($snicks,44) ) {
say # 02[ $+ $gettok($snicks,%e,44) $+ 02] added to global.o 02[ $+ %tag $+ / $+ $replace($gettok($ial($gettok($snicks,%e,44)),2,33),@) $+ 02]
writeini -n $qt($mircini) aop.o $+(
!*,$gettok($ial($gettok($snicks,%e,44)),2,33) ) $+($gettok($snicks,%e,44),!,%tag)
inc %e

on :JOIN:#:{
if ($readini(mirc.ini,aop.o,$+(
!*,$gettok($gettok($ial($6),2,33),1,64),@))) { echo -a jajaja )

ElementalDreamer   -  Aug 30, 2016

First off, I don't know if this is in the correct place but I would like to know if it is possible to put a blockage on numbers higher than 50 on the following mIRC script for my twitch bot.

on :text:!roll:#: {
if (($2 <= 0) || (!$3) || ($3 <= 0)) { msg $chan [ 4 $nick ] You have to roll something silly! | halt }
var %RollsDone 0 | var %Adds 0
while (%RollsDone < $2) {
inc %RollsDone | var %DiceScores $instok(%DiceScores,$rand(1,$3),%RollsDone,32)
while (%Adds < $2) {
inc %Adds | var %RollTime $gettok(%DiceScores,%Adds,32) | var %RollTotal $calc(%RollTotal + %RollTime)
/msg $chan [ 4 $nick ] < Dice:4 $2 > < Sides on Dice:4 $3 > < Rolls Scores:4 %DiceScores > < Total Score:4 %RollTotal >

So yea, any suggestions?

REDxPHOENIX   -  Aug 30, 2016

Hello, I am trying to make an irc text based game with JAVA, if anyone wants to help me out please join my channel on server and the channel name is #4Tress, thanks

Ashoollakhani   -  Aug 14, 2016

Need Help
Can someone bring his bot on my server on my channel?

BadIRC   -  Aug 13, 2016

I need mirc bitcoin payment api confirmation script in irc socket read ill pay BTC Contact me

Hawkee   -  Aug 10, 2016

I just upgraded the server, so it should be a bit faster. Let me know if you encounter any problems. Thank you!

blackvenomm666   -  Aug 06, 2016

mp3 player

Hawkee   -  Aug 04, 2016

I've gone ahead and switched everything back to the "Snippet" terminology. My goal with the "Page" concept was that people could write articles, but since that never caught on I think "Snippet" is more appropriate. I've also gone ahead and removed the "Projects" section from the main menu as well. This was the old Scripts section which is now deprecated. The scripts are still there, but since the layout is broken it needs to be hidden.

I've also reworked the menu system and simplified the site dramatically. Clicking home when you're logged in now goes to the latest snippets. The activity stream has been delegated to the "Following" menu item under your avatar. There are now only 3 primary sections to the site: Popular Snippets, Threads and Latest Snippets.

xfisthebest   -  Jul 27, 2016

i need help, can some one code me a script by which i click a user nickname in irc and that nick come's in my message box like i click nick xfisthebest and im typing a command like /msg chanserv kick #test username_here
testing, so in the place where is username_here i take my mouse at that place and click the nick in chat and that nick come's in my message box like /msg chanserv kick #test xfisthebest testing

ALizardlyFigure   -  Jul 02, 2016

I have been making a bot recently but I've stumbled upon an issue which I cant seem to find a solution to, the bot itself posting too many messages. Could anyone help me make it so the bot would have a cooldown of about 10 seconds or so after being commanded 3 times?

OrFeAsGr   -  Jun 14, 2016

Hi! If you use any of my mIRC Scripts i just wanted to let you know that i made an Update Checker Script.
So you can check fast for new versions of my scripts! Check to see how it works.
I have added a version variable in all my scripts which stores the version so you'd need to copy and paste these new versions if you want the Update checker to work!
See comment in the post to see how to make an update checker for your own scripts!
Thanks! <3

nutty   -  May 25, 2016

Sneak preview of the New Dark Angel Mirc . I have learn dcx pretty wel,l and come to a understanding of how it works. This is my mirc that is unrealsed. Working on things to become transpartent in them for dialogs. Hopefully I get to understand that part Also. The Picture you see in stats Moves just like a gif image :) Just wanted to share. This mirc already has a dcx Nicklist and dcx tree bar. Hope you enjoy the sneak preview. Icons included

Homam   -  May 21, 2016

Hi, i was wondering what script or cms is using?

Trickster2016   -  May 11, 2016

How would i add a kick/ban script with no timer, that doesn't use /chanserv. It needs to show that i'm actually doing the kicks/bans. Been trying to get { /mode # +b $address } to work in remotes but won't..... Anyone have any suggestions? (im new at this)

illhawkthat   -  May 07, 2016

New mIRC snippet for wiki descriptions. I love quick info scripts like this and should be more useful than a dictionary lookup which is what I used before.

chika123   -  May 07, 2016

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illhawkthat   -  May 07, 2016

Made some updates to youtube script:
and stock script:

Mrmot   -  May 03, 2016

I have one question about channel list. Is there a way to make script so it will check on text for channels in channel list. Like: someone: #coolchannel (script is checking for server channel list its match Ban) ? Thabks

^WeSt   -  Apr 20, 2016

RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services have been updated to 7.5 version!

Read more:

  • Enjoy!!!!
notK   -  Apr 14, 2016

How do I post my mIRC script now? What happened to this place?

alitee   -  Apr 14, 2016


tiketturindo   -  Apr 06, 2016

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EcnScripter   -  Mar 21, 2016

Hello Scripters! (mIRC Related Question)

i'm looking for mIRC scripters who like to program with us to make projects for members of our webchat ircWx Live Chat System at ecnchat(dot)com or beta site beta(dot)ecnchat(dot)com (msnchat based but 100 times better)
If you like to be with other scripters and make projects for members and other people then messege me back here at hawkee!
we do all mirc scripting projects to help people on ecnchat and when we have time we assist others like on hawkee too.
IdleRPG, Anagram, Super Trivia Upgraded, Frenzy Upgraded. And more if you got some good ideas we would love to work on you're project
Messege me or replay here!

EricAllen3   -  Mar 16, 2016

would someone please help me make this script work correctly, I'm trying to make a hot command to send a file on request......... on *:text:/!file:/DCCsend $nick c:\MircBot\BotCommands.txt ..........

rinzes   -  Mar 11, 2016

Is it possible to create a mirc timer event from a csv file Looking for a script that would compare DateTime with current date and if True create a timer that will post a msg 10 minutes before the event with Name,Country to $chan

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